There is famous phrase which states and is like EVERY THING HAS A DUAL FACE LIKE A COIN “ ,it states true for both the living and a non living . Classifying the two types of things on this holy planet earth as living and non living to a lay man they usually comprises of things which can breathe , smell ,and do any other things which a man does and the latter one is which holds a good example for the antonym of the first . When I say EVERYTHING I conclude everything that comes under universe ,plants ,animal , people and those million of things to which man is still unknown . Coming to the phrase I stated in the beginning of my article states that anything around has a dual face . Like the book on your shelf is either a devise of knowledge or some one has written his destructive story and piled it up for his readers that is you . Or take a glass of water which is on a table , to some it may be as negligible as an ant but to many it may destroy your newly bought  carpet when it would fell down . So world is a big mass to collect all the good faces and negative on one side of a differential column .Like the security of the people is the only matter of the officials ruling it , no lay man can hold the responsibility of so many individuals but yes calamities do happen and this holds true for the officials too for they are no GOD .

When asked a child about how it can define the word life , there are few  instances which  we come across where it explains life as a positive energy which helps people to survive ,for living in a world takes both pleasure and pain together .And pain to many is just  a thorn bite or a fall , but those living in  a penury describe pain as loss of all the attributes of world that make life happy . This world has seen many centuries like the one in which Shakespeare lived or in a one where GHALIB lived and to the recent we have people like Obama and also people like the one living in the slums near city outskirts . Materialistic world is the one in which we our living for the eras which belonged to Shakespeare was the literate era for all they knew was the river of their words and not like today where even the natural wonder water has become costly .Life has become all together an irony of jumbled things . Where books are still the major of happiness for many but the writers still cant stop penning down there heart break or loneliness .why cant life be just positive ? why  cant it just maintain the one face of happiness ? why there has to be double faces of the cruelty and penury ? why is today’s world full of diversities ?


These are some of the questions that my 9 year old cousin asked me to which I was left perplexed and startled . and when my turn came to answer her back I remembered my favorite stars movie in which he practices excelsior the energy by which we can maintain only positive energy within our souls.And that very moment a new birth had taken place within me ,within my surroundings the birth of EXCELSIOR.Thats where a new hope begins !


As there is bate for a fish there are words for human !

Amid-st the  valleys ,cities and towns

there are two eyes whispering the song ,

focused on the hole of the wall

these eyes meet a sky fall .

The dark night that come twice a week

holds the lovers together at feast ,

stars shining high above the balcony

Shakespeare uses this in his irony .

To a lay man world is stage and we the players

but to an erudite its much beyond the deep,

to which the lay man is unknown

to which the poets of fall echo.

Children in the garden play hoo la ho ,

unaware of the fairies going round and round on a toe

they surely are the miracles of his creation

who leave the common mouth opened.

The two eyes which mentioned above

meet with a conversation of two beloveds ,

of one asks as to what is that holds the people together

as to what is there beyond the tale of the Ceaser .

To which the other was dumbfounded,

promised to his beloved the answer to the question,

on a horse he set his journey to find the answer

he met many but he was still not knowing .

Then somebody told him to read the philosophy

he went through the biggest chronology,

but with the confused state of mind he returned back that night

when under a cliff he found a note in surprise .

Astonishingly he  uncovered the paper from beneath

there was nothing but one word written that was the WORD itself ,

he looked at it like the slum kid looking at rich

but put back the paper in the midst.

Then he went to the alchemist the another day

who laughed at him as if he had cracked a joke,

he then said to him that the world has a force

people call it WORDS that holds them close .

In an explicit way he said to him

for a lay man to understand the world ,

the poets of fall wrote the bridge of words

to let the lay man know the hidden story of earth .

He stood up and smiled at himself

for he now knew the answer to his beloveds question ,

for he knew the force which has made us a worth creations

for he knew the WORDS of reality of the world .

Went to his beloved the next day

looked in her eyes and then revealed,

the mystery he had solved and the answer he had got

for he was rich for he knew the WORDS .

Her beloved was overwhelmed by the efforts of her loved one

she tossed him at his head and then said ,

let the bards of Avon or London write a tale

of the lovers who knew the mystery of their sail .

And let the readers read the tale

with the zest as that of yours ,

let the eruidtes grew long beards

till they hear the tale of our known words .

The two eyes focusing on the hole in the wall

met with a stream of tear which was bound to fall,

because he was the one reading

‘the tale of our known words”.


and there will come a time ,when my void feelings would get a shelter under the  happiness of the rays of bright suns!

In the closet of mine ,in a dark empty room
I find a key chain that let me travel in the gloom

For it made me ponder on my miserable times
When i was no less a night but a man .

I lay down ,wrapped under a black sheet
Silver and golden beads sparkled all over me ,

Couldnt find anyone when gave a call to someone
For they had left me alone in the journey of my life.

But i am no timid ,i am no weak
For i let my soul to rest in some solace of its own .

Realizing how many lovers would have gone through me,
Crying and giggling the words of love in the air because of me .

I felt proud because i was the one who was neglected before,
But i saw many couples still dancing on their toes.
Their is a place full of people ,when i tend to cover them with black
They lit the glasses of candle and rejoice .

when they come from long journeys ,
They set there relaxing mode in my army

For perfect it seems for a newly wedded people
To let them express their inner feelings .

But as i say everything has a double face
I am no less for i am no extra

People are there who loathe me
People are there who abhore me,

For i am the one giving them pain
For i am the one giving them no sleep.

Science calls it insomania
I dont have a power to erase it .

I am subsided by the sun rays of the morning
I am ended by the new day of the begginning .

And when my alarm rang
I realized the meaning of life

an abandoned man, and a night
Are a same with no competition .

For a man to be in despair
Is like a night having no light .

So i was once a night but a man,
But i got the new way with the sun shines ! .



Plants are green ,the sky is blue
Our brain is a cell ,which we all know .

Science, maths and history are out of one’s caliber
For who would remember the death of the ruler ?

Every morning the sun grows, every night the moon shines
We breathe ,give and take ,we live and let live too .

Reading books or fairy tales is the children best theory ,
Who could have ever imagined that the little boy would become ‘THE SHAKESPEARE’:

Writing 154 sonnets and so many plays
One gets bonkers listening to the dead prodigy ,

Not only he was the father of tragedy ,
But he was the owner of the romance factory .

Leaves appear the palm of the hand to many
While to Wordsworth of English nature was God’s glory .

I am not telling any lie nor any wrong explanation
its written in his poems the one called daffodils .

Be it Shakespeare or Wordsworth , they had the fountain of words in them
neither they were original ,nor ordinary they were just a piece of simple prodigy .

But i am neither the poets of fall, nor the lover of nature
Neither do i have an experience in tragedy ,nor i have a lover of romance,

Still i wrote this song as it would be called by many ,
For i got no talent but simple the craze for words .

This is my story this is my life,
I am no literate or no bibliophile ,

I am neither Shakespeare nor Wordsworth ,
I am just a life , an ordinary but still i write !


I wish to see the sun of reality in sometime of my existence

The sun rises in the sky ,
The flower grows down in the earth
Eagles have their prey in the moonlight
Curtains are all over by your side .

People greet with smiling face, showing their sober to others
Had the other known the fact their is a curtain prevailing in between
The world has seen many centuries, eras,and people
Of which the pious one is unknown ,

But between the angel and the demon
There is a curtain which beholds ,
Society is ruled by the governors on the top
Bribes are taken from the poorer class ,

The latter one ignoring the true story
For he knows that their is a curtain which adds to its roar ,
When pride ,prejudices rule the world
Truth , self opinion loses control,

For it knows that their is a curtain to be closed.
Repugnance, repentfulness, sorrow when piled up ,
Suicide , killing,death crowns up
All hopes are lost and sun rays are gone,

Because there is a curtain which is still widespread and needs to be crushed,
Water flowing from the spring comes to the brim
Dont know where to go ,left or right ,for there is a curtain that needs to be rolled.

Being consience or unconsiencly we smell the curtains of life at each stage,
Where at one side there is a curtain of lose,
And at other hate.

Curtain of fade ,curtain of fake
Curtain of despair ,curtain of lie.
Curtain of high esteem, curtain of tide.
Curtain of duty,curtain of misery .

The curtains that cut man from each other
The curtains which stop happiness to spread
They are called curtains because they are the barriors
They are called curtains becaue they are the refusal.

On a morning i pray to the rising sun
Let these curtain be cut down at last
And world be a less misery
For there are curtains of irony !


She is a flower,grown on a bed of dreams . She is a bird floating in the sky of her own !sometimes she wants to spread away and fly ,but sometimes she wants to appear like a cloak . Many have asked her a question , as to what makes her wrinkle the skin she beholds ,she keeps quiet and everyone seems to ignore . She is as sharp as knife ,but sometimes as tender as a poddler going to his kinder-garden . She cannot sometimes ponder about her tangled soul ,she sometimes set it free so as stars could bright up to the least . She when asked about her plan ,she refuses to speak and others call her a naive . But she is something,she is a creation but still people are confused as to ‘who is she ?’ .

She listens to music her chosen playlist ,dances at the tunes of the nature .she selects sitting at home rather going to shop along with her mother. She calls herself ordinary but her friends call her extravagant,she thinks she has come closer to life,but people call her a nuisance when she gives them a brief . She remembers things to the top ,she is garrulous to what others think she is mad .but yes she has enemies like many of us have ,but she has her fans whom she adores to the zenith . When grouped in a large group she becomes shy ,but when kept alone she becomes repugnant and loud . When people here her stories they ask again ‘who is she’?

A bird flying from the sky comes to the ground placing itself on a stone . Looks at the people who ask the question and answers boastfully . It says in a loud noise that she is a one who doesn’t let her innocence fade, she is a one who doesn’t want to lose that special one, she is a one who doesn’t let others know what pain she bears inside her,she is a one equal to ten thousand stones kept together in a signal dark room . It further says that she is a one who has let the heart break or made herself distanced from the crowd . She is the one who has seen the faces ,the true faces of her acquaintances . She is the one who has learnt not to care for the others who dont know the worth . She has stopped caring and led the voyage of her dreams ameliorate . She is the one who now rejoices in her own music and dances on her own strings . She is the one who has started loving her eyes ,nose,tongue,ears,hands,hair,body because that’s what comprises her own self . She is the one with the philosophy in her mind and literature in her mouth.

and she is the one who crafts for the moment which would lead to the peak of high mountain beside you . And she is a girl with the bed of roses and wings that would make her fly . She is the woman who has heart which needs to be freed from the crowd of false people . She is only herself and nothing could set an example for her.because she is she the original SHE! .tumblr_m4n24dc6FJ1r1ctyvo1_500