Happy Friendship day !


“and they said I have changed had they known what is it like to be alone in the city  full of lights -takbeer “

Its been a year to hear their voices ,the last time i had met them was probably in november my final paper boards . But then I had made a connection through the online stuff ,we had been in a verbal contact and no physical one which is disheartening .But I had kept myself the same , the same takbeer as people say , the joyous , the ever lasting humor (bad or good I never knew ),the ever good -hearted girl ,yes I had kept all these things in time ,not shifted to the minimum ,I had still the same old definition to explain me, but somewhere along the coastline and along the continuity even the online stuff didn’t work ,I had to met with the texts like “hmm ,kk , and okay”I wasn’t born to be treated like this I told myself one day with my eyes full of tears.And then with this brawl with my own good self nature I had to quit being nice . I had to turn the glass the other way so that the lid is full . I ignored , i accepted that too . I disconnected but I had a right (,don’t you think so I should have done so?).Then the time came and i flew , i changed the city ,they texted me saying all nice good wishes but at that time I already had “it doesnt matter attitude ” for I had changed from being good to an irascibile . That wasn’t my fault ,was it?I dont think so ,it wasnt  mine .

Times changed ,changed my number too ,but still I was the one texting them with my new information and giving updates .Maybe that was the part of me that was missing them , the times spent with them had come up alive again , and i had to fall back because they didn’t know  “what is it like to be alone in a city full of lights ” Maybe i was subtle because i had shifted with life , complete different atmosphere or maybe i was selfish , because at the point i realized i needed them i revoke them once again ,or maybe the animosity in the past was dead . Things seemed nice enough to start all over again , until I met my college mates all together from different autobiographies and distances . And at that point I realized that its not how close you feel about your relation nor its like how much do you share ,its making someone feel nice about their existence and giving them a sense of pride of individuality ,and that moment i HAD A GOODBYE to the one who never actually stood for me ,they were large in number but then who cared when their heart didn’t function at all.Its a matter of time , that you will understand what actually you are looking for , i found my time when i was already in college .

And as i see today the calendar ,which spots on 4th august , i texted them HAPPY FRIENDSHIPS  DAY and still the same cold feeling re_-voked with the statement that I have changed . Sighing aint an option ,I am much more precious than doing this .ITS not a regret ,its simple i don’t care .



EYES are such a natural wonder,
Dont let them ruin in staring at each other
Let it see how waterfalls come to end
and let it not point out one’s own actions !

We live in a society where EYES take a journey,
To which today’s generation rebel and ask for mercy
For EYES have been there for watching the moons and stars
Dont let it create a murder of one’s dear soul .

What is the matter with those black eyes?
Is it looking for somebody inside my body ?
I had these questions inside my head and mind
When a group of scoundrels stared at me like a night !

In the night when beloved’s make love,
They stare at each other for long and fall
Thats i guess the wonderfull part of eye
Making two souls into one , is a startled bliss it has .

walking on the street i wore a dress half sleeves
Eyes from round the corner stood up and stared at me
I am no slut or no whore that could be teased
I am just an original me with the dress of half sleeves ,

GOD has created the EYES for watching the beauties he has created,
Why polute it by the indecent miseries
Heart has been there craving for both good and bad
But there are our eyes which behold the good from the untold cries .

So let us hold our EYES together for making a better tomorrow,
For our generations would seek lessons from our present eyes
Dont let them ruin this miracle of GOD
For they are the angels unborn !


and there will come a time ,when my void feelings would get a shelter under the  happiness of the rays of bright suns!

In the closet of mine ,in a dark empty room
I find a key chain that let me travel in the gloom

For it made me ponder on my miserable times
When i was no less a night but a man .

I lay down ,wrapped under a black sheet
Silver and golden beads sparkled all over me ,

Couldnt find anyone when gave a call to someone
For they had left me alone in the journey of my life.

But i am no timid ,i am no weak
For i let my soul to rest in some solace of its own .

Realizing how many lovers would have gone through me,
Crying and giggling the words of love in the air because of me .

I felt proud because i was the one who was neglected before,
But i saw many couples still dancing on their toes.
Their is a place full of people ,when i tend to cover them with black
They lit the glasses of candle and rejoice .

when they come from long journeys ,
They set there relaxing mode in my army

For perfect it seems for a newly wedded people
To let them express their inner feelings .

But as i say everything has a double face
I am no less for i am no extra

People are there who loathe me
People are there who abhore me,

For i am the one giving them pain
For i am the one giving them no sleep.

Science calls it insomania
I dont have a power to erase it .

I am subsided by the sun rays of the morning
I am ended by the new day of the begginning .

And when my alarm rang
I realized the meaning of life

an abandoned man, and a night
Are a same with no competition .

For a man to be in despair
Is like a night having no light .

So i was once a night but a man,
But i got the new way with the sun shines ! .

Story from beneathe

snow4I was made of blue mountains, I was made of blue and white rivers
Alpine trees could seduce the tourists
I was famous for the crown ,

I was overwhelmed ,i was jovial
I was on the cloud 9 ,
the black swans were far from me
But that was time I was made to feed the heartless materialistic people in field ,

I am no poet, I am no singer ,
I can’t chant slogans I can’t breathe
For my life is now on edge
Either ways I am bound to meet a fall ,

Sometimes I am lively , sometimes I am haughty Both the times my blood is juvenile
I was crafted for the only title that said ‘if there is a paradise on earth it is this it is this , but it seems I am now the real KASHMIR ,

Poets of the fall who entitled me with this would have been honest if only people would have loved me
But they left me with blood ,dead ,rivers ,fake trees and still want freedom for me ,

Hypocrisy ruled me ,and is still,
I am no stand for me I am muted
I don’t find myself rhyming
For I have lost the tune of the rhythm ,

My brothers are being martyred
And sisters are being killed
I ask this question out very loud
For I was just another child named KASHMIR ,

What fault is on me that I am being slaughtered
I sigh as I keep my pen down for my words are left unheard even by a mere deaf
I still want to live , don’t murder me for you will go to hell jail ,

I still want to breathe don’t stop my breathes for punishment is tyranny ,
I want to be called as ‘jaanat -e kashmir –
For I have blood flowing down the streams the rivers are dead for eternity !

i had my rivalry in the sky !

nature_0033.jpgi stood there , with a saddened face , i stood there with a heavy heart
Looking down i closed my eyes , asked god for a rivalry to my heart .

For my heart had the world’s all melancholy . For my heart hadnt any friend

I felt as if someone touched my heart
Looked up and i starred at the black sky

As i started starring the black sky
I got the image of my broken heart ..

For my heart was all alone..
For sky was all black..

That moment i smiled
For i got my rivalry that was the sky !!!