She is a flower,grown on a bed of dreams . She is a bird floating in the sky of her own !sometimes she wants to spread away and fly ,but sometimes she wants to appear like a cloak . Many have asked her a question , as to what makes her wrinkle the skin she beholds ,she keeps quiet and everyone seems to ignore . She is as sharp as knife ,but sometimes as tender as a poddler going to his kinder-garden . She cannot sometimes ponder about her tangled soul ,she sometimes set it free so as stars could bright up to the least . She when asked about her plan ,she refuses to speak and others call her a naive . But she is something,she is a creation but still people are confused as to ‘who is she ?’ .

She listens to music her chosen playlist ,dances at the tunes of the nature .she selects sitting at home rather going to shop along with her mother. She calls herself ordinary but her friends call her extravagant,she thinks she has come closer to life,but people call her a nuisance when she gives them a brief . She remembers things to the top ,she is garrulous to what others think she is mad .but yes she has enemies like many of us have ,but she has her fans whom she adores to the zenith . When grouped in a large group she becomes shy ,but when kept alone she becomes repugnant and loud . When people here her stories they ask again ‘who is she’?

A bird flying from the sky comes to the ground placing itself on a stone . Looks at the people who ask the question and answers boastfully . It says in a loud noise that she is a one who doesn’t let her innocence fade, she is a one who doesn’t want to lose that special one, she is a one who doesn’t let others know what pain she bears inside her,she is a one equal to ten thousand stones kept together in a signal dark room . It further says that she is a one who has let the heart break or made herself distanced from the crowd . She is the one who has seen the faces ,the true faces of her acquaintances . She is the one who has learnt not to care for the others who dont know the worth . She has stopped caring and led the voyage of her dreams ameliorate . She is the one who now rejoices in her own music and dances on her own strings . She is the one who has started loving her eyes ,nose,tongue,ears,hands,hair,body because that’s what comprises her own self . She is the one with the philosophy in her mind and literature in her mouth.

and she is the one who crafts for the moment which would lead to the peak of high mountain beside you . And she is a girl with the bed of roses and wings that would make her fly . She is the woman who has heart which needs to be freed from the crowd of false people . She is only herself and nothing could set an example for her.because she is she the original SHE! .tumblr_m4n24dc6FJ1r1ctyvo1_500