Just a picture prompt !


Scrolling down the various images my gallery had this evening ,I came across a picture which was unique from others. Not in size ,nor it included me which would make it look better,but it had that spark which lit up the inner world of my eyes.

I had photographs of my childhood when I was eight or nine years old and I had snaps of my college life and all loved one’s which had been a part of my life’s moment at respective times. .But it’s true that with technology everything has been  hidden in a secret box,likewise science and it’s theories. Life, on a literal base is wrapped under various folders with hearts made up of the software qaulity. Today,we can touch the realms of memories through the window’s of gadgets and one doesn’t have to repent over times about the short term loss of memory. Keeping the serious one’s aside:p

    So this unique picture which I mentioned ,was a picture narrative form and the large population of the world could form it’s own facts upon it. So did I ,and it’s as follows.

From the surface she looked like a outline of some humanly figure. She like other’s had wrapped herself in the mixture of feelings and a sense of pride was missing though she should have had one. You know when stars come out she struggles with her labour pain. I don’t know her nor I am a relative to her but I could sense her with all the ampathy I could have in me. She was pretending to be dumb,deaf,blind before my eyes but the story  was that I could see her looking at me with awe,that I could hear her sobs over the belts that went around her chest as a mark of man’s power and strength ,and moreover she wasn’t dumb she was just a Woman,fragile,week.

“But we tend to forget that we have a life. We can buy happiness and can live upto it. We don’t need to be all fancy from outside but opening the door’s of love from within we can call ourseleves to be human.

I looked more deeper into the picture and I saw a girl dreaming of having feathers.  So that she could shun the tortures ,violence,hatred ,pain and live a life that only lord had gifted her with.I could sense a smell of love she had for birds especially Dove ,nightangle which gave her hope and sense of freedom.  How, she loved picking that bird on the terrace and patting it like she had found her lost husband. But who knew that humans are to wed humans?Where did this came from ?Perhaps Humans themselves . But she was different. And she had a great deal with life. She had found her soul in that bird and could smell a better life it had. It could fly to destination’s without anyone stopping it . Just a wish and it was granted by him,like being an owner to his own life.

           She had found the difference in love,and could smell the reason why heart breaks happen. She was lucky because she was in love with bird that could fly for her and bring in falls of happiness.”

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