The internal web .

I have been thinking for a while about the rich colours things have got. Like purple is the signifier for brinjal , orange /red for tomatoes and etc. I have been amazed by the puzzle they lay before the eyes. Because its the perception that leads for t for tomatoes o for oranges and p for purple’s . Perceptions and thoughts are the two internal webs.

What if I tell you the real thing. I am not the man but a structure. Alright ,don’t look to yourself but just think.
I am a solid.
I huge body and bulk of ( what science calls meat).
I have some strange features which define my powerful structure.
I have got a lens , I have got a grip , I have got a sensation.
But tell me one thing animals got the same.
Why am I man?

Anyway, I might be thinking a lot and over thinking leads to explosion.
But yes ,think about the conversation you have had with your mother yesterday night.
You uttered words full of emotions and she did the same.
Where did the words go? Ask her around 20 years later about this conversation and she will say when , how or even Wh are you? Probably because she might be losing her memory power at that time.

A realization.

Words are signifiers. They don’t mean anything unless you don’t have any proof.

I am not a man. I am a solid. We all are. Let’s praise the matter and find reason.

We have webs all around. And to structure them we need the licence of wisdom . Open your eyes, well wait open your vision.