Man’s Lust and His forgiveness.

Man said to himself :-

“I am the most knowledgeable.

The first scientist ,and the explorer,

I am the creator of the calendar .

I had the first lexicographer ,

And the first mathematician.

I loved my beloved the most ,

And didn’t punish it to the hell.

I climbed the mountains,

And sang in His benevolence.

I am the superior ,

Yet I am punished.

What lies in my body,

Is the fault of the creator.

But I created this world by pieces 

Who created me of what?

Irony is present time machine,

Of which Shakespeare was the master.

He was yet again a Human ,a man

Who is to be blamed.

Answer my apprehension,

Oh creator of the Adam. “

God replied :- 

“. You did things out of curiosity

It was never your own creation.

You gained knowledge from the theories of my great men,

You explored from the adventures of my heroes.

You created the paper fate , but you are already pre destined to the damnation.

You said you created the dictionary ,

But it was I who created A for apple and Adam.

You add one to one and get two ,

But it was I who gave you gentilesse to produce.

You say that you chanted verses in the memory of me,

But did never thanked me for the things I delivered .

You questioned me about the creator.

To which I answer out of the despair

I had created the humanity to realize the magic of my charm,

I got Lucifer and belzebub to enchant. “