Faltless , forecast has been made. Radio kept making that annoying noise as I started fixing the station. Ugly , it looked from the outside. Tattered radio cloth was kept in a very clean way. As if new. It was of 90’s. Annoying was the sound , the scratching sounds coming from it. It was suffering , nothing new. It was inactive , but nothing was active so it was active. It pulsated as I prespired. It was hot outside. And the radio wasn’t working normally. It was plain. Finally, after I convinced myself that it isint going to work it started. A Godly voice came taking oath of amity. It was probably the convincing calendar of  depricatation. Funny how things keep repeating, not anymore. It was 69th consecutive day of no proceedings. It was a platter without food. It was poison which was taken from the people. It was all prohibited. To make our lives easy , to facilitate us government had opened lines for Bsnl. We are so fortunate, as my youngest brother said. I said , gesticulating my anger adulttating the situation 

“Thoke yemin”

“Spit on them”.

It was scintillating outside , as sun shone brightly. We played hide and seek for a moment. But that moment I suppose lasted a little longer. It was patriotic to be inside the doors but my brother porch the idea of unpatriotic and went out of gate to hide. I kept him searching while I was blindfolded. I kept asking for him but nonanswer. I emulated his idea of stealing I got rid of the dark black cloth off from my face, danger lied ahead as he was not to be found. I felicitated him with bribes of chocolates , juices but couldn’t here anything. I was excavating from the point I had left him but found no traces. 

I am fragile so I forgot about him. I forgot that I had a brother. I weaved for him a white sweater. He would look a snow man in it. I said. It was the apex of my  ignorance I found his grave in my dream. I stood up , procrastinating for weeks. He was dead by the condition, situation, fate, or panicked. I was his parasol , I had failed. I had prohibited him though to go out, but kids never listen. The hide and seek remained just hide in his case, for I never could sought him again.

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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