The blank space

Harmed in the sphere of biased lives I crept inside

Knowing not the untamed struggle ,I harness my enemies easily

Like a serpents venom and a child’s heart I lived

Facing the blank space of my own desire for venegence

I struggled and struggled victory and death together I pretended

I was a strong window of bolted chains of sorrow

Until I laid my head down under the blank space .

That night.

That night oh Beloved , tremors and thunderings,

Past ,present and places ,all on a wall of future ,

Clouds of cirius circumscribed the courtier ,

As some were deep ,calm and others venomous ,

There was a mark of red , a light that often spoke,

Never shone , absent out of the stopping by the fall ,

Flowers bloom with the red , red of the past of the men

Stopping from entering her into the court of herbs.


The red colour of venegence wore its space ,

Flowing down the waves like a ritual ,

The flowers embellished into its colour ,

A frightful scent of prejudiced nature ,

Tripping down through a devasted past ,

It held no future in the blank space of the courtiers yard.