aideu’ 2012 !!!

Sun rises , so does the moon scatter  its silvery light on us , birds fly and water flows with no one to stop , destruction happen , inventions too take place , some marry some get there souls together , some smell the rain while other’s fire , some success and some failures but still the time goes on it doesn’t wait for any one . Be it king or the sweeper 7 ‘clock means the same without any alteration ! With counting in our minds the number of things that happened with us all through this year we wish a good -bye to 2012 , as the clock will stuck at 12 of the night and rise the year of 2013 . Looking back at the seasons , at the months the year has given , I recollect some of the worst and some of the good ones , nothing can be put into a jar and summoned up for there are mixed feelings . For the winters of the gone year didn’t let people take a sigh of relief because the snow flakes and the embers high up in the sky made the alive men’s feel like freezing even if put inside the hearth , such was the cold  of ’12 winters . comparing that too my own destruct I missed a flight which was going to arrive in Delhi , because of the cold weather we came hanging up our faces in grief , sometimes seasons tell so much about our mood , then came the march , chinar leaves flying from height and finally landing on the ground tells and gives the omen to people that be aware because every flight ain’t victorious , if compared to my self experience march has been a trouble some month , I guess the only thing trapping my mind in this month was my pressure on boards , then the hot sun comes up whose rays are so harsh that even the sensitive of the things i.e. Our skin escapes from it , and well comparing it to my life going to a journey to Ladakh was a swear to my own heart because of the roads and climate , then July -august -September -October summoning up these four seasons I pray to have July again for my sister was here , and to other three seasons I could hardly look up for I was nailing down my whole soul into studies , nailed all the papers to the highest . Crafting the love November and December gave me , I must thank to Allah and my family for letting me live the most of them with two persons I owe my life , though being dull seasons of the month DELHI made it look alive ! Now it is 31 Decemberarticle-2255224-16B4A030000005DC-740_964x639 I don’t know what to conclude my tribute to ’12 but I can surely pray that with the seasons which tells us the fortune of our months please be different in 2013 for if you would be dull in January my life is so screwed up !

P.s. : I will miss you no doubt : (