What goes inside? :- the writer writes it all !

262706_454709064590816_26031933_nI may be a random human to any person I know
But I have a heart and it has a song to be told

I don’t have high dreams for I know little
You should have known I have tears that could flow

You bang me , you flatter me , you take advantage of me
But inside you know that I am just being carried away

You draw a circle of my life by your fingers
From birth till today you ruined and you loved me with all the plans

On contrary I know your all secrets
And I praise you for your achievment

But this story knows my heart ,
For it is shy and doesn’t want to expose

I was the one who cried at every nag you had from parents
I was the one who had the share of them without any apprenhensions

I was the loved one in the family
But all my praises were for you

Because deep inside we knew
That you were the one who was supreme

I cannot help but keep sighing
For all I can reflect upon is my weeping heart and soul

You yell at me I show no grievance
You shout at me yet I remain silent

I don’t know are you not hearing my voice
Or am I failing in delivering the best from my side

I talk you get irritated , I don’t you rebel
All who is suffering is the vaccum between

The times I have gone through my past
Or the times I am going

Seems just to me as I am in a desert
Wandering over my existence

I see the same sky , I see the same birds
But bards in my life have disappeared , and tears have been welcomed .

I don’t know what makes me download trance to my playlist
I don’t know what makes my head ache while I keep my eyes open

All I know is that something is misleading
All I know is that I am loosing my flavour of existence

I don’t want tears in my eyes , for I wasn’t born to apologiez for nothing
If I have done wrong GOD is there and he would be teaching me a lesson .

I will not remain quiet for my silence needs some rest
Don’t provoke me to do a thing which would later on be regretted

I am confused , and wide awake on this night
Days of gloom seem to be my only friend in crowd .

I am not being rude in writing this poem
I am just letting my silence to go far

For I am a random human to you , but my
Heart has a song which needs to be told !

Tracing the truth !

As buds of rose plant spread the fragrance of the coming flower, child brings beauty to home ! the time birds fly to the cloud nine just to reflect their victory , my fish in acquarium struggles for a wider space ! And man , to some extent struggles between pain, and blessings and hence finds himself in delimma . Times may have occured to us when there is absolute misunderstanding of subjects, where we want to feel the other side of the wall .for we know coins have two faces !

Sometimes we wonder about the things going on. Sometimes we dont want to be attracted to present only,sometimes its the reality that chases us to find the answers !we try to find the reasons for the entrance of a person in our life,or for the doubts that come up by the prudence of him. Sometimes things happen in a way that as if they were planned . We dont see any truth in a statement , doubts and dont’s crop up . It doesnt depend on how gallant we are, sometime situations occur so that we feel helpless and a breakdown goes inside us .

We feel the piqueness due to it . We want to react but we are forced not to , we want to question but we cant ,we are in a crowd , but we are among those solitudes feelings. Situations become boastful to us.they direct us what to do or not . They dont see the right or wrong they just compell us to do things what they wanted to do and we are again numbed . And to your acquaintainces sometime you feel to throw them away , you feel to be alone just you . You feel like you are disdan.you think that your other part has superseded your own self . You think your identity has been faded !

A conjecture occurs when you happen to find the answers . You want to have a granel walk with the situations making you weak . You write down a memorandum for the things that needs to be assembled . This time you dont address someone you accost them . Your countenance appears to everyone that of a feirceful tiger who wants the food but is trapped by the haunters. You find yourself guilty of choosing this path .slowly and slowly you are behaving sluggishly . they produce the answer but you behave like a fidget .

And at that time some one plays a painoforte , the notes of STRENGTH , someone plays the violin ,the notes of LIVE ON , and with these you scream till your lungs are out . You stand up and make an oath . You promise yourself to be right .you pledge to play with the circumstances , to travel the path of DESTINY . and the songs that were sung to you in ear where the notes from God ,which made you realize LIFE is a road of destinies , we ought to travel them and existence is what we ought to fight for !

Journey to the word ‘Fight ‘

never_give_up_by_jimmy_valvano_poster-r6ac5166b0b344341be492a354b8f6455_w2u_216I was on my journey to a UN -known land , which I hadn’t decided yet ! I had a mood of travelling to some distance after a long time and finally I led my journey to UN -known land . I started it by packing my one and only companion who would be there with me till I ended this journey , that was my pack bag , in it I kept some water , as I would be walking and I would need it because of the breathlessness , and some cookies and nuts that I could gulp down through my journey , and here I was lacing up my shoes , and heading towards gate I looked back and waved a bye to my place as I would be far for a month .through all the events at my home from packing my bag to closing the gate , I WAS finally on road !not having any map , nor having a clue of any place I started my first step at around 5 :pm I remember some how !
While I WAS walking down the street a thought stuck my mind, that places are nothing without people living in their , so I had a plan , I decided to capture various traditions and customs people so that I come little closer to humanity !

I started my work in a cottage nearby , there were many small children and some hens , taking care of there eggs , and a old woman who was sitting knitting a sweater most probably . I approached to her while her white , grey eye brows frowned at me , at first I thought that my presence would upset the woman but I WAS glad to see her smile . I introduced her to myself and told her my visit to her was’actually a part of UN known journey to which she smiled and said ‘ that I would probably be a person who would be just sitting around and doing nothing , and relaxing the whole day ‘ to which I replied that no I WAS a person who was just seeking a holiday from world . As we were talking , some sounds of utensils banging each other came from the inside house , as I WAS just trying to figure something out , a woman came like a furious tiger scratched the little children and took them inside , I WAS wondering what actually would be this little girl facing ? Is it something a step mother doing to her husbands children ,or is it a mad woman in anger just letting the conversation end , crafting some of the reasons the lady had a huge sigh of relief with which I could see the melancholy of the house . She started speaking , she told me how these children where being made target of madness of a couple who call themselves the parents of the child but in reality they were not less then enemies . She further told me how these children of heaven where being given the life of hell and then I asked about her , how did she manage ? She just spoke one word ‘I fight ‘with the circumstances and I remain ‘silent ‘ . Saying this she stood up and told me adieu ‘ , and I had a quick pray for the children and I left the place . Seeing the cottage from a distance I had walked , it looked so beautifully made and it gave out the fragrance of happiness to any visitor passing by , but who among many would have ever thought about the misery laying inside . Maybe I was sent by GOD TO help them or maybe to learn something , or maybe just to give me a omen about something . I walked a distance more and I had a rest . Now the scene was totally different . I had completely forgotten the people I left behind .I yet again started my journey with a smile . Just then I had ordered my sand wich in a cafe nearby I had a long starring by a cop who was wearing his uniform and all the weapons were intact . As time went on I started a conversation with him I told him what was the army deciding to start with , and I told him who I was . He answered my questions he had the word ‘fight ‘ in every sentence , I stopped him and asked him what did the word actually meant to him ? He answered that it meant to ‘survive ‘ and he told me that he must be get going as he was running out of free time . I waved him a good bye , and in a dilemma was I . Because in a day the people I ‘d met had spoken nothing but this one word ‘fight ‘ . I was finished with my lunch and I started walking again. There was a mosque in a street and I decided to enter . When I entered I saw a spiritual atmosphere , and I started uttering my prayers when I had a look on a child who was trying to enter with his one leg wrapped in a bandage . I went to him and tried to help him enter the door . As I let him through the door he kept on praying and reciting the versus which he had learnt by heart . I asked him , after he finished that what according to him was a prayer ? He looked at me with eyes full of passion and courage and answered me ‘my prayer is my fight ‘ , I pray for the help of God who could let me fight against the world . As I was hearing the word ‘fight ‘ for the third time a sheet of darkness appeared and I heard my phone ringing . Rinsing of my eyes as I saw myself in my room not on any road and as I saw myself paralyzed from a month ago I saw myself in a death condition . suddenly as I reflected to my dream I had just watched,i  lift my hands  in air to pay my gratitude to GOD , WHO HAD SEND a message THROUGH DREAM that no matter how weak you feel he is always there and I should so that I never give up ! This article is for those people who think they are somehow abandoned by god , and who have just three words i n there dictionary ‘i give up ‘ . I with my own experience that life is much beyond ‘i give up ‘ and GOD knows well when to take you to himself . I give up is a devils phrase which over powers I live . Let us together bind ourselves and ‘FIGHT ‘ !!!

I made a story out of it !


Pen at rest

I was lying on my bed when I had a ‘grenade ‘ in my ear by bruno who was on mars , my neighbour taylor told me that I’should never mind ‘ for she had taken my swift car , I had a journey through a ‘photo graph ‘ from nickle black , but it was ‘locked out of heaven ‘ by bruno who was on mars , then my hands sparkled while I had ‘diamonds’ of rihanna playing on my fingers , I had a my ‘breath less’ night when shyane shifted to me in another hospital ward , I recollected a time when only ‘you and I ‘ where together with scorpians being behind the scene , I knew that ‘you were trouble ‘when taylor came back along with my swift car , she told me that weather wasn’t good for ‘one night stand ‘ so I called…

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I made a story out of it !

I was lying on my bed when I had a ‘grenade ‘ in my ear by bruno who was on mars , my neighbour taylor told me that I’should never mind ‘ for she had taken my swift car , I had a journey through a ‘photo graph ‘ from nickle black , but it was ‘locked out of heaven ‘ by bruno who was on mars , then my hands sparkled while I had ‘diamonds’ of rihanna playing on my fingers , I had a my ‘breath less’ night when shyane shifted to me in another hospital ward , I recollected a time when only ‘you and I ‘ where together with scorpians being behind the scene , I knew that ‘you were trouble ‘when taylor came back along with my swift car , she told me that weather wasn’t good for ‘one night stand ‘ so I called out for a heartbreak when tiao cruz landed on coast , I had a ‘long road to love ‘ with jaron who told me that I should have ‘stayed here forever’ when selena came up with a question ‘who says ? ‘ I was on a visit to ‘hotel california ‘ when eagals catch me with my ‘boy friend ‘ justin bieber , who turned out to be ‘ sober ‘ with the pink , later on I had a ‘knocking on heaven doors ‘when guns and roses banged my rooms door , my ‘payphone ‘was busy with maroon5 , when b.o.b sang me ‘nothing on you ‘ ! I couldn’t ‘remember the name ‘when fort minor came asking me the ‘power of love ‘which celieon dieon had captured in a ‘lullaby ‘of avril lavigne . Then when I was pushed by the force to the wall ‘angels ‘came with jack johnson to protect me from the ‘mocking bird ‘set free by eminem , who gradually took ‘part of me ‘when kelly said ‘goodbye ‘ to the ‘white horse’ of my friend taylor swift . Then my eyes opened and I saw myself alone in the dark because enrique had warned me ‘don’t turn off the lights ‘

I want to be the STAR !!!

386040_360263997403226_253555642_nSTANDING  in a line , observing people
I was all bored and ready to leave

But was bounded as we had to watch a movie
Had been waiting for so long in a que

I imagined all the time what it would be like
If I would be the actor of the un watched movie

The feeling was so amazing that I started saying script
Waking me up by pushing me from fancies

I left the line as I wanted to be the STAR
And not the audience

I was in a crowd of more than a million
Stage was looking as a newly bride

The anchor called out the names of singers
I thought my name was echoed

I went up to the stage by climbing the stares
When my friend woke me up from the world of fake

I screamed and I left the crowd
For I wanted to be right there on the stage and not in the crowd

I wonder why I have to smile to there snaps
Why I have to immitate them

Would be there a time when I would be in the hearts of million
When I would be in the posters of new york

For I don’t want to be in a crowd or a line
For I want to be the real STAR !

Being Blank doesn’t take even a MINUTE !

302636_153746974721597_28564639_n was sitting on a bench with my flute
A child of venus came up swinging

She sat on my lap as I played with her
we laughed , giggled , and teased each other ,

A silence crept into my heart , as if my heart was taken away
Seeing me numb she asked me what happened ? ,
I being BLANK couldn’t utter a word ,
For I didn’t know myself what was the misery

I told her to go and play
For I wanted to be alone

I recall the moment what had happened
And I found out the reason

I had remembered my childhood
When she came and sat with me

I had remembered how I used to do the same
It was my childhood that had made me blank

On another night I looked through a window
I saw the same old trees standing erect

A butterfly on a leaf spreading love
Gave me a jerk type and I was again lost

Nurse came up to me and asked her query
I suggested her to leave me alone

I went back to my memory lane
To figure out the numbness

I recalled that , how the butterfly
Had made me remember the child of venus

I remembered how she sat on my lap and smiled
I remembered how I played with her and how she made me blank !