Figures of speeches in life .


The silver lining of the moon, the circle of the  yellow sun ,the blue outline of oceans and the white sketch of the sky above makes me go into some frozen time of my life which to me had never been revealed nor will be but I still think of the story hidden and wonder about the plot and the writer .Yes to me it was just a frame put up on the wall with some hidden real faces to which I was unknown . I am talking about the moment when i got frozed for absolutely 10 minutes but which seemed to me like my whole life that photograph frame near the table of wood closely attached to the wall .

The sound of the water flowing from the tap in my washroom had just struck my ears when suddenly I stared at a photo frame .I was remembered about the ode in which the poet  is stuck to the sight of a graciun run and he reveales all the benefits of it to himself .How beautiful are the thoughts of poets, I told myself not lifting my eye from that photograph frame . what was it ? was it just a memoir , was it just a piece of mirror nicely decorated and put up or was it a story written by lexicographer ?I had these questions in my mind while I closed the tap in the washroom . Coming back to my room i had my eyes fixed to the frame not knowing it had hypnotized me and I was kind of suppressed by it . My soul was like that one piece of magnet that had attracted to another . I was lost in the frame totally . It was a very well decorated frame , silver beads and the beautiful crimson lace over it had added to its glory but what would have been there so deep that it made me hypnotized that it made me lost all my power ,it was like that situation where we find our soul wrestling with the words of the world and people living in it .I was perplexed and startled.In the picture of the frame there was a hot fuming sun red in color , Orange to be more appropriate .and a girl I guess of my age with my type of hair and one dress which I wear more frequently in my home .And a horse that seemed to be running and running to its desired target that was unknown .

If somebody would have asked me about the personality of the girl I would have just told him that she was a girl beyond the world , she was the girl of irony,because she was unaware of the moments that were going around her while she sat in the garden , she is like that of alliteration which keeps on repeating her thoughts to her mind and not letting them burst to someone , she is like a personification of beauty because lord had made her perfect ,her smile ,her eyes,lips ,hair and everything she possessed  was just a miracle hence beauty was personified ., She had that charm which even let the birds speak , she was all in all that one piece of which the earth was unknown . she was the perfect example of a ballad which kept on dancing on the tunes of song . But somewhere in her eyebrows there was a mystery as to who she was ? what was she doing on this earth ?There was an elegy that was hidden from the rest of the world but to her soul there was a question what made her look so beautiful .this is how I could have best described the girl .

The horse that was trying to run but in a picture it seemed to have stopped running for it had somewhat realized that patience is the best friend .That life is-int that easy  that we thing it to be and there has to be made apprehensions on it .That life is not always in an apple pie order and it got to have be on sixes and sevens . that moment i pondered about my late life and a feeling of pathos ran throughout me .

As to the questions asked by girl were true to a large extent . We humans dont know the creator of our souls .We just praise our families for they are their for us but how often do we thank the creator of our outline the bodies.And that moment i confronted to God i thanked him to taking his precious time in making me for I neither know what day would be my last and what day would be my farewell .i made a soliloquy with myself that was purely a remorseful speech given by a ordinary piece of mud to GOD .

And that moment I was woke up by the call of Nightingale and i saw myself more wiser . Though the time I had been frozen was a part of some glorious dream but i made it a point I GET to prayer at every step I took for i didn’t know which would be my last.

In my life figures of speeches has surely got to me the right path for I was longing for !