306657_342593849170241_253941047_nThere is a hole in your heart
It needs to be filled,
But despair has covered
The sheets of endless love .

What to do ? When the sky gets dark
Your dreams don’t seem to be clear
& you fade ,
You see yourself screaming to world ,
But left unheard you are their standing alone .

Now you are hating everything around ,
You also throw away things apart ,
But something is holding you to the grip
Of love to God and his blessings .

You then try everything ,remedies
Seem to fail ,
You even try to suicide but you
Are not brave
You try to look for a ray of hope
But still you get endless sheet of despair .

Music doesn’t seem to be appropriate ,
Books are too farther in list ,
You try to smoke ,try to hurt
But it fails for you Are all alone .

Now in this situation you once had a dream
You wake up and smelled the sunset of yellow , someone knocked at the door and calmed you down ,
For you were breathing too fast .

And in the end you concluded a fact ,
It was just HALLUCINATION that
You had been wondering about !