aideu’ 2012 !!!

Sun rises , so does the moon scatter  its silvery light on us , birds fly and water flows with no one to stop , destruction happen , inventions too take place , some marry some get there souls together , some smell the rain while other’s fire , some success and some failures but still the time goes on it doesn’t wait for any one . Be it king or the sweeper 7 ‘clock means the same without any alteration ! With counting in our minds the number of things that happened with us all through this year we wish a good -bye to 2012 , as the clock will stuck at 12 of the night and rise the year of 2013 . Looking back at the seasons , at the months the year has given , I recollect some of the worst and some of the good ones , nothing can be put into a jar and summoned up for there are mixed feelings . For the winters of the gone year didn’t let people take a sigh of relief because the snow flakes and the embers high up in the sky made the alive men’s feel like freezing even if put inside the hearth , such was the cold  of ’12 winters . comparing that too my own destruct I missed a flight which was going to arrive in Delhi , because of the cold weather we came hanging up our faces in grief , sometimes seasons tell so much about our mood , then came the march , chinar leaves flying from height and finally landing on the ground tells and gives the omen to people that be aware because every flight ain’t victorious , if compared to my self experience march has been a trouble some month , I guess the only thing trapping my mind in this month was my pressure on boards , then the hot sun comes up whose rays are so harsh that even the sensitive of the things i.e. Our skin escapes from it , and well comparing it to my life going to a journey to Ladakh was a swear to my own heart because of the roads and climate , then July -august -September -October summoning up these four seasons I pray to have July again for my sister was here , and to other three seasons I could hardly look up for I was nailing down my whole soul into studies , nailed all the papers to the highest . Crafting the love November and December gave me , I must thank to Allah and my family for letting me live the most of them with two persons I owe my life , though being dull seasons of the month DELHI made it look alive ! Now it is 31 Decemberarticle-2255224-16B4A030000005DC-740_964x639 I don’t know what to conclude my tribute to ’12 but I can surely pray that with the seasons which tells us the fortune of our months please be different in 2013 for if you would be dull in January my life is so screwed up !

P.s. : I will miss you no doubt : (

My childhood wasn’t bombs and guns :|

405793_182819731814321_140326475_nI played with the ludo dice when it stopped at 6
I saw a smile on my mothers face , I had made her proud

Calling for both of us my father came with the food
With hungry tummy I jumped on it and it was all clear by four

As the clock struck 4 I went out to play with my mate
We skipped , we climbed we swam and we kissed

It was dawn I returned back and saw my mother crying
I fell  on my knees , and I ask her the reason

Not in the position of answering my question
A friend of us , said the story of my trapped father

I was shocked to hear about the tyranny
I was full of revenge but I was bounded

16 years have passed from the incident that took my father away
But I being the one child couldn’t get over it easily

my mother died after three days from the incident I was left with my uncle all wandering

Through all my upbringing I had a question laid in my heart
What actually did they do to my father

Now I am the youth of my country all matured
now I am the son seeking justice for my father

But justice ain’t that easier for a normal man like me
So , I got back to razor blades and gun shots

I lost my innocence when I stepped in the cruel world
I joined the group of people who are called the terrorists

I wish to get justice for my dead parents
So that I call myself a son and not a killer

I wasn’t meant to be a person I am today
For my childhood wasn’t with bombs and guns !

Afghanistan and America , part of the same world

World , so huge with number of capitals , dozens of countries , millions of roads , billion of streets , different types of humans , some physically challenged some business tycoons , some deaf and dumb and some middle class , some atheists and some strong believers , so much disparity but still they all claim to be the part of same world . Beautiful girls with gown wrapped on there bodies playing on the soil of USA are totally different from the little girls preparing food in the kitchen with hardly one cloth put on themselves . Being the part of same world the people have created such a huge gap that they are easily differentiated into sections and bad or good people . Where USA being the industrialists country , where people are known for the best education and polished manners , where the buildings our so huge that one keeps on starring at them till the moon shines out , where even the young girls are princess of there households , and Afghanistan389504_188133374616290_1378423345_n the country of terrorist as they call it . Being poor in resource people generally get to begging , and killing themselves , and women’s to earn money sell their bodies for the pleasure of the rich men , the young boys who are brain washed to work for agencies creating bombs are promised back for the lacks of rupees .

Why is there so much disparity when we know that the world is one , we all our the sons and daughters of one GOD , and we all have to return to him one day . Why let one country enjoy the benefits of gods blessings and other just repent upon his existence . This is pity , on humans who have created these difference . Did the american agencies before arresting the terrorist ask him the story of his journey to a child to terrorist ? Did he had a chance to reveal his number of breathes taken in happiness . No is the answer , can’t we just make GOD proud in being one ? Can’t we just hold our hands and languages to utter just the words of god and make him proud of his creations ?

Asking someone about the crime he has made or why he is so rich ask him as the angel sent from the god that WHO ACTUALLY YOU ARE and I bet both of the kind of persons will be dumbfounded . Its not AFGHANISTAN OR AMERICA THAT IS RICH AND POOR it is the humans who are immature about the pains of each other !

Music , another way to get connected ! :)

196059_360657624030530_1649345148_nflowing water passes from the oval cut stones
they make a sound that makes man feel numbed

Birds flying in the un known direction
Flapping their wings up and down

They create a music , like the one
Used in songs to reflect peace

The soldier fighter planes flying to cut down the way of enemies
Create the music of hope and strength

While the war planes of hatred and devil
Make the sound of the vamps in soaps

Fast wind coming from south makes the leave move from one end to another
Producing the sound of independence and freedom

The long work of artist completing his sketch
Ends up in a flute tone
he looks at the sketch and praises himself with the tone of his own

Cycle plying on the road of the un known people
Makes a vibrating sound in the ears of a feeble man lying near by

Be it bird , humans , things ,
Music is everywhere played

Music ain’t the songs on your playlist or music players
It is the connection we notice among us

All we have to do is stand up and observe
Every thing that passes our ears

Sound ain’t only made up by guitars and flutes
For romeo and juliet existed without them too

It is the things that make the music
It is the music which makes I into us !

You are still alive : )

In 73276_355070351255924_1400320856_nmy life I have been taught thousand of things
To which the bestest our among my grannies

I remember the time when we used to dine for long
And she used to tell me the tales in short

having the wine of glass she compared it with life
To which I childlishly replied ‘ life is liquoir ‘

Sitting for long at the edge of hearth on cold nights
I touched her fingers which told un revealed stories

She once held my hand in the garden of roses
And taught me some of things which I recall through memoirs

I do recall how she told me that life is nothing but struggle
For she had travelled the path of it

She told me that how I should be clever enough
To touch the sky, and end the downs in life

I remember she told me sleep was another form of death
To which I had replied ‘then why do we wake up the next morrow ‘

Through all these years where I could just see her pictures hanging on walls
How I wish I could reverse the time just to get her back

and at the last stage of her life
She told me one wise saying

Being rich isint the great thing
All the power lies into your thinking

When today I recall these little things
I pray to GOD for all the blessings

I may not have smelled the velvet on your body
But I do remember your rich advices

Granny , I may have not talked to you in dreams
But my heart wishes to have the replica of yours .

‘lying in the grave , eaten by mamothes you are
but still alive in my mind you are, you ain’t poor that you died so early

You are the princess who is remembered every night I hold my lead in my hand ‘


with opening our eyes for the first time in life we see the faces of our parents and nurses and other kins present in the room .parents feel blessed that night , to have us with them ,their ultimate dream of becoming parents is successful , they also would be babies in their past making their parents dream come true . so when we think for a change in our life or when we focus our minds to a certain thing we have a dream . our grandparents reproduced  our parents which were their dream and our parents reproduced us which were dream for both now for us we could dream about the family of our own , this is the history , that has been flowing , gathering these thoughts i take dreams to next level , in this world which is faster , competitive , a person needs to have a certain  center .a painter would dream of being the world;s famous painter , or a musician would dream of becoming the famous of all . so dreams aint only the things we see in our mind during night it is the focus the center of our minds.what we think to become , what we end up in turning up is our dream !!

many people critically have observed the word dream for every thing there is a double face .when people especially teenagers fail to achieve what they had dreamt  of they feel deprived of everything because in teenagers the syndromes are active to the feelings of pain and happiness , they have what we call MOOD SWINGS .when they are put down by the parents or rejected by the authorities they liked , they become rebellious they are actually not rebellious they are the teenagers who are asking for their dreams . with this failure in life the teenagers stop dreaming and they loose faith in god . this is the critically claimed disadvantage of dream .

with the numerous examples of real life heroes according to me dreaming is ‘int a critic  should dream of the things that are possible that are up-to the boundaries of becoming realities . when a person dreams of his good things he works hard to achieve them .

the period from dream and reality are full of omens and signs . omens and signs are the in indication towards the settlement and positiveness of any dream and vice verse . usually sent by GOD for the love he directs him to take further steps to achieve his dreams and reality .


so in today’s world we here dedication and hardwork leads to success dream so that your dedication proves worthy and dream because wings fly this way !! ..


“following his dream Michael Jordan who was apparently disqualified for the basketball team he became worlds famous from time immemorial 🙂 ‘


begginnings and prayers

21802_343638822399077_678414807_nlived the life like a princess of london
A fairy for her parents

She was a girl of 24
She was a girl beholding to her dreams

Climbing up and down trees in childhood
Her parents wished for her a future

Nourishing her with the best values
They let her spread her wings in open air

Flying her life she had a happy go life
Her bright eyes twinkling with light

set up a journey on 18 dec ’12
With a friend of her who was her partner

A gang of 6 drunkards unaware of fear asking politely the guy about their need
The guy innocently replied and was banged till he fell to his knees

Shocked by the fall of her mate
Girl trapped in confusion came into the web of 6 hungry wolfs

Shattering and tearing  her body apart
They left her on road forlorn and half -dead

They ran for they didnt want to be caught
she the fairy for her parents was left tortured

Nobody helped her just for the safety of themselves
Yet they call themselves brothers and sisters

The next day she was examined to the question of her survival
Which the doctors claimed to be foggy

I do not know what would be the story tomorrow
But being a girl i write down my sorrow

Its midnight all shut and darkened
I sit and write the pain i feel

Oh my sister i may be not with you
Oh my sister i may not see you

I may not be litting up a candle
I may not be cursing the media

I am just sitting in my room at midnight
Holding a pen and my mind

With you i write to the world
With you i write for you

You will be alright i pray this night
i will never let you close your wings

Closure happens for the ones who arent child of god
You have all the prayers and begginigs your way .

May the sun lit its rays on you on upcoming morrow
Let you show the world that you are the girl who lived like a princess of london 🙂