Creation of new life ,Cheers to US !


College has just started and we feel like sisters , have I been knowing Ill get a sister cum friend I had come to Delhi the minute mother handed me the bottle of milk . Skies would not have been more happier than watching us clicking pictures in the campus on the first day itself . Public might get horny on this fact but who cares because we had already a bond . From Kashmir I had come as a single hand but your presence made me the cluster of stars . From your tomboyish attitude to “why are you guys ignoring me” emotional one ,you always have been a friend which looks after everybody in the group . Not making anyone feel less miserable in the new place  . How hard you try to be girly the Sapna brother will never end :p. There are many people in my life who have occupied some of the definite places ,but you my friend will always be remembered even i breathe my last today . Here is just a short poem about the memories you have given me and the days we are going to spent in glee and happiness , Insha ‘allah !!:-


From the crowd you came to me ,as if I had to offer you something

the love you offered me , can’t be replaced  even by my death

people like you are crazy, yet to find is difficult,

because you introduce me to everyone as “your kashmiri friend”

I love the way you teach everyone the skills of brave ness

and I look past and I have no single friend in comparison

your love in your insults ,your angry look, oh boy 

ILL cherish in my whole life ,even i die tonight .

because you are my same bad -ass birthday partner

ill never let you go now , praising the co incidence in life

who cares about your no having place in our class

silly ,you already have made a place in our little home, called the heart .

I define it CRAZY !!



Life , to some its a tale  , to some its an  illusion, to some it might mean the end , to some it might mean the work , and to others it might mean a magic and to me its crazy yes LIFE IS CRAZY . Sometimes I wonder what if the place I am standing or sitting right now would have  not exist like it exists.What if the sun I am watching with the book in my hand never existed for me . These questions arise in my mind and I am left with no answer to reply to lord’s blessings and the things HE has flourished my life with . But then while saying LIFE IS CRAZY I am not adding adjective to the creation lord has created but to my individual life to which I am to blame of course not for creating but for living it like I have . 


Every life is already written by lord . Even the tiniest of ant cannot wish to live more if HE has already decided the end of the ant . And pondering about my life I cannot thank him much .and today with absolutely no selfish interest or desire I thank him for giving my body to me . I love you lord .



Rejected by millions , accepted by none
I wore a cloak of humanity .

Brightness was to a large extent
But a black hole laid within me

From the soil the rose plant grew
My map of hand would close .

There was the knowledge in sky
But who was I , I didnt know .

Beautified was my body by jewels
But who made them was unknown .

I craved for his existence only when I needed
Not when my soul knowed his presence around me .

I  went on moon ,touched stars
But I couldnt figured the creator

My imagination had made me blind
But the cosmos was older than me

So who was I ; what had I been dreaming of
I would not have known ;

Till I said good-bye to world
And left my soul in prison with almighty !


images (1)The road we travel in our daily routine seems to have an accurate end and we leave a sigh of relief when we reach to our destination thinking that we did it . What we have done is actually just crossed an illusion the so called road , if walking we meet with the crowd that we don’t count ourselves in . And also numerous sites meet with  the eye having blink only once the journey . And if its the  other way round like travelling in a vehicle we usually pretend to be some actor /actress and a piece of music runs in background . This is life for us , the ordinary people. One cant even imagine the stardom of some rock-star , who apparently is God for the public .I am no philosopher nor any guide but I just see life in a green leaf , I just see the changing colors of sky and thank God for blessing me with the eyes. Life is too short for running around after something so materialistic that we die in amid-st of nothing being a loser . I count myself in the world , in the people who have filthy desires but at the end I know that He is going to take me out of this reflection and bury me into reality . I guess its time we all think about the end because the earthquakes , the landslides, terrorism is all what will bring end and when among us we all will die there would be no one expect HE watching and laughing at us .

We are just flowers in the mud and the star in the sky , but like others being optional or different we are unrecognized !


images (2)

It’s  of crimson color and the yellow sparkle has added a magnificent look to it . Sometimes it stands perfect making you feel protected ,protected from the wrath . Sometimes you just curl , roll,lay , feel secure inside it ignoring the huge world outside you prefer to just sit and cuddle around it . It appears to you as a cover of dreams. You share secrets with it . Break promises once made with it . Struggle through life hitting on it . You are low and you look at it without blinking imagining things out of range ,feeling upside down . You feel high and jump around it . You make your identity with it , it knows your evil deeds though it acts as dumb . You paint on it , the colors of hope and blessings . But there are darker sides . This has too . You don’t. know when it will break . Break with a force . The crack that will bring end . You can get lucky if you are absent but then there is no escapism . You travel whole world . Bringing photographs of thousands faces but return to same walls . Walls which are erect looking at you laughing at you when you are pretending to be someone else . It knows no end but there is wreck in the ship that sails this shall too .watch out for the minimum ignore the maximum , take the  glass of salvation spit out materialism .because when it will break it will only leave your skeleton .prepare yourself for worst because if the walls break the skin will come to closure and it would mean the premature extinction .