a desire for you !

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She is the other side of me,
A dull,perhaps my enemy
People have called us antonyms,
Never we had set examples for synonyms.

Because if she is left,
I am the right
If she is negative,
I love being positive .

She is that cunning eagle ,ready to harm everything
I am the DOVE sitting,
Praising the mighty for my creation.

For her ,she is the perfect
For me I am the one shrinking
She makes plans and plots
While I read the story of my life’s plot.

With her I become dull
With me she is repugnant
It doesnt hurt me for being myself
It let’s her to create the tensions.

But bards of north have guided me
They have kept a cloak for you,
They have said from centuries
The story of the revenge tales.

So my other side ,
Let me remind you
Of my perfection ,which makes you

I dont give a damn to your acts and actions
For I know the hidden story that you will not
Be any better.
This isint a sarcastic wish,
But a desire of my healthy heart.

You made me dull,I kept silent
But I was a naive then,now I am a hunter
Straight from the heart
This desire comes

May you become extinct like
Some mighty animals have
I would then call you
A human-dinasaur which
Smelt the fragrance of the extinction…