This is a memorandum year. As 2016 comes to our lives I will help my visions a great time. I will Penn down every thing I see before I think on them . happy new year blog peeps.

As life goes on , sun rises and clouds disappears. As life goes on , heartaches increases and life moves on a platform. As life goes on , addition to the reel world increases and the life comes down to music . As life goes on , kids grow to be adults , adults age to old , and you are still wondering at the small hole of your wall. As life goes on ,plannings are done and the rest are completed. As life goes on you fly to your zenith and sometimes you are stuck by the bark of the pine . As life goes on puzzle is complicated and you get a see saw ride. As life goes on wrinkled mother flies to a new expectation over a lost son in the war. As life goes on you breathe and isint that enough?

As life goes on to the new year ,let this be joyous ever and a new happening. As confused I am today I will Penn down every thought that comes before my eyes. Maybe God has given me special powers to control my fate. New year eve grant you happiness and memories .