EYES are such a natural wonder,
Dont let them ruin in staring at each other
Let it see how waterfalls come to end
and let it not point out one’s own actions !

We live in a society where EYES take a journey,
To which today’s generation rebel and ask for mercy
For EYES have been there for watching the moons and stars
Dont let it create a murder of one’s dear soul .

What is the matter with those black eyes?
Is it looking for somebody inside my body ?
I had these questions inside my head and mind
When a group of scoundrels stared at me like a night !

In the night when beloved’s make love,
They stare at each other for long and fall
Thats i guess the wonderfull part of eye
Making two souls into one , is a startled bliss it has .

walking on the street i wore a dress half sleeves
Eyes from round the corner stood up and stared at me
I am no slut or no whore that could be teased
I am just an original me with the dress of half sleeves ,

GOD has created the EYES for watching the beauties he has created,
Why polute it by the indecent miseries
Heart has been there craving for both good and bad
But there are our eyes which behold the good from the untold cries .

So let us hold our EYES together for making a better tomorrow,
For our generations would seek lessons from our present eyes
Dont let them ruin this miracle of GOD
For they are the angels unborn !