No more sunshine!-The Devil life !

Love story forever


My eyes were rinsed with deep black Kohl when the phone in the worst nightmare of  my life rang .I got up from the quilt with a face that glistened with shine of freedom .Freedom just for ending with my college exam and it had bought me utter happiness.  So making an effort of getting up from the mood which just let me do nothing,I picked up my phone which was white in colour which reminded me of  the last snow days I had .THE voice which came from the phone while I  said “hello”? ,had a similar likeness to a voice which I had known as the most strongest voice in universe but had now a similarity with one of the sounds of a drop of water,weak , fragile.

It was Pattrick,my lovely friend who did every great stuff that a normal human being would like to. He would had a bundle of awesome videos and one would be put to shame for the choices the latter would have in his closet.Pattrick was one of the most finest creatures I had met in my entire life and wish to never loose apart. He would help me in all my presentations and edited my every language trouble . The weight of his creativity was beyond control for anybody to handle because the people would absolutely fall to the ground. He was the finest example of a beautiful  fair face ,with eyes clearly made with a green shade and one couldn’t help but be in awe whenever one had a look on him. So I said “hello”,is everything alright?Because the speaker was either out of range giving me the low voice or there was something really wrong. I waited for answer,and a sad voice came from the other side which said”How are you”? Things are messed up and I can’t  let but break from within. I being a person who loathe love relationships that the teenager’s have today I interrograted with deep grief because there was a smell of deep seriousness and a tint of tears which I could sense from the voice which choked.

He continued”she has cheated upon me “,how should I answer my firm who had been waiting for the day of my marriage with her?”she has done which I feared the most and now I am stunned and shocked at every memory and my own life. I need answer’s from lord above and no explanations from her because I gave my life to her ,my whole life and she is just telling me to forgive her. How can a person who has left all his world and work for one woman of his life react on the situation she has put me in. Answer me ,Franchesea how should I react.
Everything was blurr before my eyes ,they were wet. I could see my eyes crying  on the thing that hardly pricked me from within.
I was about to reply him back with the words of some relaxation but the person who had been on line went off line without saying bye.

Pattrick and Kate ,were together since four years from now.. They had set an example for the kind of relationship which was made in heavens.They were now looking like brother and sister because they were so very much beautiful.
They had life and every person in their acquaintance would feel jealous about there strong bonding. I had known them since ,ummm my memory can’t go back to the past because maybe it was from my birth.

But why had Kate ,who was so in love with Pattrick decieve him?
Kate was tall,round big eyes,fair in colour and obsessed with flying.If ever asked about her last wish she would say”i would do nothing in life,but not sit ,just.. fly away”. I couldn’t really call her words that could be synonyms to her action because maybe she was as close to me as Pattrick ,maybe related to blood but This time I loved Pattrick even more than before. Because he was broken and shattered though Kate was in a similar situation.

I was ordered by Pattrick to go and visit Kate because she was so mad that she could even hurt herself. I went being unconscious about the situation ,and suffocating within me my soul was numb. It was dying out because they were like stars shining bright in the sky. Kate didn’t welcome me but may have cursed the intruder between her tears and converstation she was having with Pattrick. I couldn’t see the site of a girl who had been so close to me crying out loud the torments of that one action which she could right away undo if she had got power. But what she  could have done in a situation where she was at fault?where she had  no one to blame but ask Pattrick for forgiveness?

I wanted to ask her as what went wrong but she would just slam the door and show me the way through a room painted with green colour which was now the blackest shade of black colour. I kept giving ear’s to her sobs but could only hear ‘Ilove you’and ‘forgive me’. The sun which was shining so bright had lost it’s warmth and was now a lifeless round figure unaware of it’s pilgrimage.

I prayed lord for all the good things to happen because I didn’t had right to intervene between the desolated crossroads . Pattrick and Kate must have sense of understanding ,I would have repeated this ten thousand times pretending that the situation was just an afternoon feud.

This fight made me realize true love still  exist. It’s like sometimes lord up above  himself knotted the thread and it was beyond the lovers strength to undo it. Love is a powerful bond which can’t be just ignored. Love has a limitless boundary but closed doors for forgiveness. I cry while I pray for PATTRICK and Kate. . I want them to have little beautiful babies who could learn  something about love from the soul’s they have had their birth.

-closest story to my heart,tormenting me from within. Will not survive if it breaks:”no”,
It will have the death in my name.-

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images (1)The road we travel in our daily routine seems to have an accurate end and we leave a sigh of relief when we reach to our destination thinking that we did it . What we have done is actually just crossed an illusion the so called road , if walking we meet with the crowd that we don’t count ourselves in . And also numerous sites meet with  the eye having blink only once the journey . And if its the  other way round like travelling in a vehicle we usually pretend to be some actor /actress and a piece of music runs in background . This is life for us , the ordinary people. One cant even imagine the stardom of some rock-star , who apparently is God for the public .I am no philosopher nor any guide but I just see life in a green leaf , I just see the changing colors of sky and thank God for blessing me with the eyes. Life is too short for running around after something so materialistic that we die in amid-st of nothing being a loser . I count myself in the world , in the people who have filthy desires but at the end I know that He is going to take me out of this reflection and bury me into reality . I guess its time we all think about the end because the earthquakes , the landslides, terrorism is all what will bring end and when among us we all will die there would be no one expect HE watching and laughing at us .

We are just flowers in the mud and the star in the sky , but like others being optional or different we are unrecognized !

The toughest machine!

download (5)If ever I was asked about the one complicated machine that had been ever created my vote would go for the human body not because I belonged to it’s category but no airplane,no telescope,no helicopter is as complicated as the human beings for there are many reasons.

FIRST: first of all the structure is to be praised.How beautifully is it set up.Which engineer,or which scientists would have come across the idea of making a structure that is easily enough to control the world. The eyes that could see the creations of almighty which are so magnificent that even the encyclopedia would fall short of the words.who would have ,other than the God HIMSELF   !download (7)

SECOND: comes the gift bestowed to the human i.e life. Ever pondered about what life is basically?who created it by what intentions?Encyclopedia and thesaurus defines the life as that thing that is alive.but how far is it reality?because even an alive person is dead while he is asleep..but then what is reality?

THIRD:gift of emotions.The roller coaster ride of emotions that human always fights with is the third miracle.what is anger?what is smile?what is euphoria?what are the other jumble groups of many more constant emotions are another set up of miracles that this difficult machine the human body is bestowed with.

FOURTH: struggle,struggling in life is the biggest gamble a human being does in the period of his existence.struggling with anything ranging from work,status ,position,rank or even life while fighting with deadly diseases. Struggle has been there for the poor and rich it sees no status hence its stagnant not shrinking.

FIFTH:‘death‘.human being is born,and raised .it is build up and it shrinks though for others life moves on.but for the individual it is the same is an illusion that seems so beautiful but closer it comes heart wrecked it leaves a person.

Summing up this essay I would conclude that no machine other than human body is as complicated as it is because no machine dies in the end as this does .download (6)

“Mirrors and Heart -breaks ! “

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She is just like you ,her hair ,her way
Her smile, her eyes ,her curls round up her face
She isint your sister,because the crowd cant see her
Who is she then? But she is just like you !

You are in a delimma,because she copies you
You lift a hand she does the same
you dont have any twin around you
But then who is she? Ditto is the word !

You rub your eyes, to see the real face
But to your surprise she is standing still there,
You cry ,you cry aloud, you let her hit you
But she doesnt go away ,copying you !

when you look at her sometimes you love her
Sometimes she thinks you need a moderation
you try to beautify your face
You think adding some make up would work !

You and she make sololoquy with each other
Morning and evening she is with you
You make her your best friend
You let her know your secrets and you start loving her !

But something happens between you ,
There is a scratch on her , you try to remove it
You fail , you fail miserably ,you look like a loser
She breaks ,you start pushing her up but hey you fail !

That time you start hurting yourself too
You start losing all the control
You banish yourself from world
Music looses its tune

Then on a night you experience a dark night
You look at the mirror , there is no one there
You rub your eyes but it goes in vain
You see yourself no twin of yours .

This is what happens ,you realize
You had made yourself superior
You had just step out into pride
You had met a fall and there was a heart break

You had felt pride to maximum
Abandoning your soul
Not knowing the real life
That was you and your soul

Fake had you become
It made you go in vain
Peices of mirrors you see now on ground
For you had met a fall, a heart break !


I wish to see the sun of reality in sometime of my existence

The sun rises in the sky ,
The flower grows down in the earth
Eagles have their prey in the moonlight
Curtains are all over by your side .

People greet with smiling face, showing their sober to others
Had the other known the fact their is a curtain prevailing in between
The world has seen many centuries, eras,and people
Of which the pious one is unknown ,

But between the angel and the demon
There is a curtain which beholds ,
Society is ruled by the governors on the top
Bribes are taken from the poorer class ,

The latter one ignoring the true story
For he knows that their is a curtain which adds to its roar ,
When pride ,prejudices rule the world
Truth , self opinion loses control,

For it knows that their is a curtain to be closed.
Repugnance, repentfulness, sorrow when piled up ,
Suicide , killing,death crowns up
All hopes are lost and sun rays are gone,

Because there is a curtain which is still widespread and needs to be crushed,
Water flowing from the spring comes to the brim
Dont know where to go ,left or right ,for there is a curtain that needs to be rolled.

Being consience or unconsiencly we smell the curtains of life at each stage,
Where at one side there is a curtain of lose,
And at other hate.

Curtain of fade ,curtain of fake
Curtain of despair ,curtain of lie.
Curtain of high esteem, curtain of tide.
Curtain of duty,curtain of misery .

The curtains that cut man from each other
The curtains which stop happiness to spread
They are called curtains because they are the barriors
They are called curtains becaue they are the refusal.

On a morning i pray to the rising sun
Let these curtain be cut down at last
And world be a less misery
For there are curtains of irony !