The Empty Blurb.


The brown blurb kept on the left side of her , was empty . Her mind floated through many memories of present which haunted her future. Yes , they were the memories of present. It happened once , she sat on a bench whispering to herself about life and the art  of living it life . She decided to not just whisper  but  practice it . In front of her came an image of a character from her favorite novel Elizabeth Bennett , by Jane Austen from Pride and Prejudice. She hated to read the book in the Victorian literature class but somehow it carved the meaning for her life . Time was nothing to her and she did her best to travel along with it. Life , to her was a mirage. Like whenever she was asked to define life she always faked a smile. It was a fine day of April. Flowers were blossoming and it was a unique hour. A definite sense of something will happen , good or bad she didn’t know. But she flowed within it. An acquaintance offered her a meeting with a friend and she said “It’s been long” , lets go. They walked with each passing wave of wind going through her empty channels like a good news on the way. He said “Hi” , she said “Hey“. Untamed in love she traveled through it , surpassing all the odds and evens. It was a frightful experience , though she smiled. At that moment she knew she was going to abandon it in the deepest of her chambers. Time flew and we came to future which was bright and happy . Friends deceived and left  but one thing remained constant that “Hie” because somewhere in the universe it was accepted. Days passed giggling and each day went announcing it to be the best day , clouds collided  with each day bringing in the lover’s smile and indefinite scars.The room became haunted of the people blaming her of being immoral , but she went on like the waves of the ocean. I loved her even more but hated the outcome. I loved the wilderness but i knew deep down it was a misery. Finally , the day had yet to arrive. But she thought about it. The final good bye , the final smile , that final pulling of each other’s tail ,how could they not stick together. Was this the play of time? Nobody knew the answer. But time had come to the full circle. And it was this which they were deceiving .I had come in between and i was the creator. Destiny had failed them , and everything collapsed. She came back to the center hating each and every hour of her happiness while he had them the only treasure ,reminiscing  till he had the power. The center had won , the life was dead. The line crossed between became the experience. I asked both of them , whose fault? She replied quick TIME’S.

Like a poetry.


The girl I saw in my dream,

She was wearing a black gown

Metaphorically the ghost

She talked to me , ate food

She walked like a poetry.

Her alliteration of face

Was such as that of a haze

I wandered back and forth

Was I in love with her similies?

Another moment pass

And I see a man , coming ironically

I was in a gaze of many , but I smirked

The consonants of the man led me wonder

Are they the aspirants of love?

They talked in numerously extreme

I looked there paradoxically

Sometimes what happens is not the end of the story

She came to me and introduced

Her ring on the left end

It ended all the waves in me

I left the town and woke up in misery.

Broken soul.


I had a narrow escape

The one you are in dream

I chased not to sleep

But I closed my eyes

Again , in the wunderlust

I was drowned in the interrogation

Who was I ?

Human to the basic

My soul needed ggenerations

Bards have told me to chant

I can’t to ONE

For me even a stone is miraculous

I am a savage , I run here and there

Birds follow me

Prick me for flight

I try flying

And I realize

With a broken wing none has flied .



Photographs lying on my side

I grabbed my spectacles lying on the floor

Trying to fit between the misfit

Generations won’t understand generations

I have been kind and sober

Reflections of past younger

Mama broke down and said she was alone

I said read and be powerful

Daddy was ever grateful and sweet

Mama had this desire of togetherness

My old folks are the best peeps

My greatest gangs and lovebirds

Fights and foods they all have now

I think none has a friend like my

Mama and daady

Oooh aaah ooooooo

I am sorry I had to leave you alone

But coming back home makes me old

I am not the same kid you used to tickle

I have dark shades ,people to trust , and memories

Let’s not forget we are family

And tonight I stay with you

No mama no nightmare daddy is around you I am there

We are going to be back again

Close your eyes it was just a dream

Old is an analogy to dream

You are younger younger then me.

And I love you like never before

Trust me as I sail another boat.



constantI was letting you go on a weekend

Stuck at a point of mesmerizing

I swallowed the pain and tried again

It haunted me inside and back

I am here now stuck wondering

If I ever had an option to rewind

But baby I tried I am even trying

I will leave you free and be my constant

My own constant

Let’s not pledge on any sailing

It wrecks in the middle

I love the way you said its perfect

I am going to make it my passion

You should remember how you backed me

Once and all I am letting you be.

I am me and me is just perfect

I have love and that is constant

I am letting you go.

I am letting you go.

Finally , I am letting you go.

Let the ship sail to its shore

Let it feel the brightness

Let it smell the dust of victory

Let I fly let I be let I dance.