From her eyes…


I see an image of a young girl. With braided hair and a frock she plays around joyously. I see she has a broad forehead and has dreams of a perfect world. She Is a loving daughter who caretakes her parents well. She is an adorable sister to her brothers and sisters and helps them in their tricks towards the old folk. She is as crazy as you think you might be. Well , she is the youngest in the family and everybody loves her. As a teenager her dreams were to escape the reality of torturous old age. She wanted a prince to woe her and make her his princess . Everybody in the family age, she did too. And she became the wisest of them. When her father was at the stage where memory had given its answer , she did every possible effort to give him a child’s blossom. But alas his days were near and he left the world for better.

A blurr image of happiness comes in between her pupil and eye ball. I can see her playing with her childhood her children. Fighting with her siblings but this time her husband. Being the number one in everything. From helping the kids to get ready for school for her own practice of getting early . And the family is all she has now , two children and a husband.

She closes her eyes now which are weak.Weak to the limit they can’t see the nearest hand on her shoulder. She fears the future. She thinks of it and she dies every moment. She wants a reconcilement but it won’t happen. I am a younger version of her. From her eyes I see a need of happiness. My heart cries at her melancholy. She is afraid of losing another one. Still she struggles to live for the present. I love her. I love her till my end . I love her and from her eyes I see forgiveness that I can’t bear.

The loner


The diary is incomplete ,pages are free

The words have lost meaning

The light has doomed

The familiar is surreal

I crave to the mankind

Where heart was kind

Now the mind is the gamer

You are my friend

Only if you have power.

Romance and beech

All miserable with the men

Eyes are blind , hearts are dead.

Look at the mother waiting for the child

One dismal and the soul is gone.

Ventroloquising the power of her child,

Mother goes to talking to her heart

She freezes for a moment

I die each and every moment.

I have missed you.- Mother


In the anguish of my fading desires , I have missed you. In the smile of tears , my heart has missed yo . While , I kept longing for you sitting in the corner of the house the walls soaked in my pain , I have missed you. The fire that burnt the whole city in the ashes I have missed you. The wrinkles of the old lady on a strange street remind me of your passionate fingers fingering through my hair , my hair I have missed you. To the splattered ink in the paper which I had genuinely underlined from the bottom , I have missed you. The kohl spread from my eyes to my cheeks , contemplates the advice’s of your bossom, I have missed you. The lump in my heart which has turned into a part , I have missed you. From the infinite number of times I have fallen to ground , the mud on my fabric , I have missed you.

From autumn to summer , to the gloomy winter Mother I have missed you.



Everybody in this world has a story to tell, about heartaches, inspiration ,  sunrises and sunsets. And they believe that world should know about each and every word their heart screams inside the vault .Well I have a similar one ,but this one’s name is Curiosity. As a child I had always lived life as a non seeker to knowledge , I was too shy to compass my life around facts which ruptured life and poisoned it till death. As a teenager I made mistakes , I asked forgiveness and I lived life simple. Teen gave me a spirit to the future. I shaped my future with the dawn of hopes and betterment. I worked and I played. Carefree. Heart was biological and emotion to a certain set of social people. Today I am a woman of different thoughts to be admired. Today I belong to a college fixed to give me a degree of a desired honour. I feel privileged to call myself a social ignorant mind craving for something that is temporary .

Curiosity as it happened one day. I saw a man bleeding. I didn’t kill him or he didn’t hurt me. We were strangers. As strangers as I might be to y ou on the days of ressurection. The man laid down dead and screaming the name of. The one  he claimed to be his master. I was there doing i dont know what. I grabbed a book which my society respects and his respects too. The Holy quran. I grabbed it out of respect. I can’t understand every word in it but I am born in it. I am raised as a believer in it. This was the curiosity happened to me with eyes opened. I can’t call it a vision because i am normal.  Normal to let other’s astray.

This happend on a fine day when my heart was racing with time and destiny. Fate as we call it. I noticed a similarity between the man and me. The Holy book. I can’t call him a terrorist because he may be a sign or an omen.. The Holy Book drives me crazy for the thought pierced me down to the veins of my right wrist. I got lost in the track.

The twittering of the birds ringed in my mind and cupping the head I scratched my skull. I was back in my place of nothing. Nothingness into nothingness.

The question still lies unawnsered.

Visions and religions? Societies and individual? Which one to the righter faith?

Pretty little Goblins


Unstructured when it comes to deconstruction,

Colonised when it comes to post colonization

Technology and perfectionary when it comes to brain

Nothingness to nothingness when it comes to spirituality

Air , water and vision comprises of it

Skin  clothes and world vanishes itit

Let’s opt for the concept of every scientific human a Human

Angels fly over the mountains and hide in shame.

The eyes which see the lustful world outside

The heart knows the pretty little Goblin inside.

But to deconstruction , again Goblin’s are monsters.

To spirituality monsters are the invisible.

Human has lost its base since long ago

Run a forest , Oh son of Adam

Satan will circle you till the end.

The Answer.


Splattered kohl asked many questions

I denied them with the blink of vision

For the curls are to thick to think

And I closed them before the arrival.

Its against amoral to right things

But humans lack the tendency of wrong

I act like an ant in colony

I was trampled under a feet till I felt lonely

I served , I raised and I bent

I learnt , I cried and repeated

But one day I made a height of my own

Mountains quacked of being short

Screams of zombies reached nowhere

Because I was singing the shines of heart.

Well that was me always had been

Crowded palaces had unlit my heart

I fear the knight who will gallop around

To see me as a princess of somebody else dream.

I am the choice of desires and love

Aint  nobody got time for relax

Flights and answers I got today

I am going to never return back.

So zook you madam and sir


A tilted cup of wine.


The table that I had kept unclean

Weed fell from it in my bossom

Afraid of this illegal , I climbed one step

Though getting my nerves love it

Prescriptions of abandoning

Lay in manuscripts

I for see the future of the lover

But what if the tilted cup of wine fell

I will loose the circumference.

The Gothic turned sublime

The murderer received by fan following

Whatever is happened is all the will

Maybe drinking is not allowed.

Through the broken glasses I see

The old man carrying the stick

Unable to walk he is tired

I am tired too , Oh Lord.

He then crawls and lay back

Till innocence leads it to stairs.

Humans , HaHa oh beer

I Dont want to lay claim

This is just the beginning

Waterfalls will come to an end

And I’ll lay roses on the grave

Let the deceased know the time

I am already at the equator

Where art thou my Master?

What if the tilted cup of wine fell

I’ll be the maiden in the cell.