Broken soul.


I had a narrow escape

The one you are in dream

I chased not to sleep

But I closed my eyes

Again , in the wunderlust

I was drowned in the interrogation

Who was I ?

Human to the basic

My soul needed ggenerations

Bards have told me to chant

I can’t to ONE

For me even a stone is miraculous

I am a savage , I run here and there

Birds follow me

Prick me for flight

I try flying

And I realize

With a broken wing none has flied .



Photographs lying on my side

I grabbed my spectacles lying on the floor

Trying to fit between the misfit

Generations won’t understand generations

I have been kind and sober

Reflections of past younger

Mama broke down and said she was alone

I said read and be powerful

Daddy was ever grateful and sweet

Mama had this desire of togetherness

My old folks are the best peeps

My greatest gangs and lovebirds

Fights and foods they all have now

I think none has a friend like my

Mama and daady

Oooh aaah ooooooo

I am sorry I had to leave you alone

But coming back home makes me old

I am not the same kid you used to tickle

I have dark shades ,people to trust , and memories

Let’s not forget we are family

And tonight I stay with you

No mama no nightmare daddy is around you I am there

We are going to be back again

Close your eyes it was just a dream

Old is an analogy to dream

You are younger younger then me.

And I love you like never before

Trust me as I sail another boat.




I was letting you go on a weekend

Stuck at a point of mesmerizing

I swallowed the pain and tried again

It haunted me inside and back

I am here now stuck wondering

If I ever had an option to rewind

But baby I tried I am even trying

I will leave you free and be my constant

My own constant

Let’s not pledge on any sailing

It wrecks in the middle

I love the way you said its perfect

I am going to make it my passion

You should remember how you backed me

Once and all I am letting you be.

I am me and me is just perfect

I have love and that is constant

I am letting you go.

I am letting you go.

Finally , I am letting you go.

Let the ship sail to its shore

Let it feel the brightness

Let it smell the dust of victory

Let I fly let I be let I dance.



As life goes on , sun rises and clouds disappears. As life goes on , heartaches increases and life moves on a platform. As life goes on , addition to the reel world increases and the life comes down to music . As life goes on , kids grow to be adults , adults age to old , and you are still wondering at the small hole of your wall. As life goes on ,plannings are done and the rest are completed. As life goes on you fly to your zenith and sometimes you are stuck by the bark of the pine . As life goes on puzzle is complicated and you get a see saw ride. As life goes on wrinkled mother flies to a new expectation over a lost son in the war. As life goes on you breathe and isint that enough?

As life goes on to the new year ,let this be joyous ever and a new happening. As confused I am today I will Penn down every thought that comes before my eyes. Maybe God has given me special powers to control my fate. New year eve grant you happiness and memories .


The blank space


Harmed in the sphere of biased lives I crept inside

Knowing not the untamed struggle ,I harness my enemies easily

Like a serpents venom and a child’s heart I lived

Facing the blank space of my own desire for venegence

I struggled and struggled victory and death together I pretended

I was a strong window of bolted chains of sorrow

Until I laid my head down under the blank space .



Let me reach to you

I am a devil

Don’t do right , do wrong

I am the opposite.

Who has measured your birth?

Pictures and few faces!

Ask them ,do they have a note

Of their own doings?


You are sleepless,thinking of light

Its dark away , now you are a devil

A stranger to good,let it go

World is full of bullies,you be your

Own doing, push them steal them away from the moment




Now is time to flourish,be strong

Pluck all the Eden’s and dance

Forget about the snake you saw last

Enjoy in the black death of past



Death ,came so fast

You wandered like a shroud

You wore it on your ongoings

Like a king in the war.