i walked down the memory lane !

someone said it was just a co-iencedence
But i said it was just a scene of destiny

For i had witnessed the most of it
For you had taken a chance on me

We talked as if we knew each other
For i sought to look for a friend in you

But they say everybody’s life aint perfect
It ‘s the same about you and me but i promise

I have given you all my trust , like never before did i gave any
You’ve to make promise to stand upon thee

For now like we are really close
i dont want our past to come between

This aint any love song
This is just a piece of what i feel

So my friend when i look to future
I find my best friend forever

So cheers to our friendship
Be it just another CO -IENCEDENCE !!

i had my rivalry in the sky !

nature_0033.jpgi stood there , with a saddened face , i stood there with a heavy heart
Looking down i closed my eyes , asked god for a rivalry to my heart .

For my heart had the world’s all melancholy . For my heart hadnt any friend

I felt as if someone touched my heart
Looked up and i starred at the black sky

As i started starring the black sky
I got the image of my broken heart ..

For my heart was all alone..
For sky was all black..

That moment i smiled
For i got my rivalry that was the sky !!!

SLEEP -worldly death

there is a call from heaven addressing you &me
Its time to wake up as time has come

To know the life’s reality
That is death supreme

Lord is unhappy for people who are indifferent to life ,
Because he wants our thoughts to be more clean

Why is man ignorant ?
Why is man indifferent ?

so i was talking about a call from heaven ,
Who tells us not to take our death so easily

For death is uncertain , we are unconcious
For we have died in our sleeps , yet we are unconcious ..

there is a difference between sleep and death
For sleep has quilts and death huge stones

But aint we unconsious with both of them
But aint we enjoying the pleasure of both ..

So , water your soul with god’s praises
And not with satan ‘s fire

For we dont know when time will come
When our sleep will be our eternal death

There is a call from heaven addressing you &me
Its time to wake up as time has come!!

love : just a PIECE OF ICE

ice formed by freezing water at highest
Love formed by bonding two souls at the truest

Ice we could see our reflection in it
Love we make two souls into one

Ice as it is termed as the hardest thing
Love termed as the strongest bond

Ice only one fall could break into pieces
Love , breaks with just one mistrust

Pieces of ICE can’t be put back together
Love failure can’t be changed into love again

For ice needs water to put it back , and
Love needs trust to make the best love story back

So isint love just like a PIECE OF ICE ?

LIFE – not what it seems to be !

life , is a game of luck , chances , destiny , and moreover fate , . In today ‘s world where people have lost themselves in the industrial works gaining more money , trying to become what other’s are establishing there names , building monuments , etc ! Forgetting about the supreme lord ! I may ask this question to even myself as to how many times I prayed from my heart ? How many times I stood up thanking almighty for the things he gave me the answer would be absolutely NEVER . This applies to everyone in today ‘s world . Man is so busy in making his life a worth living that he forgets the supreme power who has given him the ability to do so . We neglect the beggers on streets thinkin it might be not cool if we give them some charity . This is true but sad . We don’t realise that the body is just an outline . It is the soul inside which will count in the end . It is our deeds that will protect us on the day Resurrection . We don’t realise the ultimate reality that is the DEATH . We don’t realise that we are made by mud and we are going to be laid in mud . We don’t thank almighty for his splendid nature that allows human being to grow into roses and lilly ‘s . God forgives us but man forgets god ! This is the time we realise the ultimate reality of life , this is the time we ask questions to ourselves that are we ready for facing god . ! On this note ask yourselves these questions today and try to make changes in life because I am!!!
I qoute ‘ life is not what it actually seems to be for mirror doesn’t show what we are really inside our souls – takbeer !