Diamonds of the first water !

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There always has been  a strict difference or comparison between your acquaintances and friends .Many among us are still confused at the point of difference between these two or is there really any  between them .To me in my childhood age friends seem to have been a part of some fairy tale ,and to be honest a mystery .For I loved to distance myself from the crowd .They called me inconsistent for I was sometime friendly and at other rude and they had a doubt was I even a real FRIEND or was I just another random girl making her acquaintances .I didn’t know the cause behind my behavior maybe I was meant to be like that or maybe i needed that change ,or maybe it was who I was .Coming to my acquaintances i had like huge amount of them like really huge .I was famous both being online and offline and to my acquaintances i was more dear and that came to me when i at every step of my life reflected upon my group of friends .This is not a remorseful article that I am writing to my readers its just that I want to thank my friends for letting me know the real worth of my acquaintances and people who loved me . They say at every birthday we dont get older but wiser its so true I mean  the writer of this line wouldn’t  have even thought for a second the impact this line would create on his readers . writers are blessings from GOD . My life was in absolutely apple pie order when I came to that point of my life where social network seem to be the end of the world the ultimate . I started making myself famous,started making my social world ,started to have that identity which every teenager like me would have dreamt of . My life was like those among perfect ones .But they also have said that every thing has  a double face , like we toss a coin and the other face is revealed but we  dont know whats going it to be a head or tails . I started repenting on my being famous when none was beside me at any point of my need .its like the clap is-int made by just one hand .It needs both . Being good from your side only doesn’t help at all you got to choose between good and bad at each question even at the people whom they call as friends .And at a pinch of their own I used to get a reflection of my friends ,and believe me i didn’t have single clue as to what made us change ,they would call us perfect group so why this difference ,why this backstabbing ?At some points we even built a dagger in between but that’s not between the friends but why did that happen I still am clueless and left wondering .

At alpha and omega of my friendship bonds i somehow realized a very serious thing about life . What we decide ,or what we plan doesn’t happen so accordingly .for life is sometimes a bitch and at other a mess . I always found that void in my soul that let me think that maybe I was born to live alone like this or maybe among the best of the crowd I would be chosen by  some real good souls and not the fake ones to which i defined FRIENDS in my dictionary .I founded myself always at sea when talked about who was my best friend because I couldn’t count on any except my family and my own good soul .Maybe I was my own good best friend or maybe my family was, they were and would be those parts of my body that if detached would bring only death for me .Shakespeare has been so good to himself in saying that world is a stage and we the mere players . Player to be honest I have been to my life .   sometimes hard and sometimes cool , sometimes narrow sometimes broad sometimes loving sometimes the real bad one , yes a player to my life .My life has been between the devil and the deep sea and ALL i could recollect is that my family was beside me just my family . I am not like one born with a silver spoon in mouth who could all the way enjoy the goodness of the life ,I was among those who build castles in the air and thought of the perfect life and ending . But life teaches us to be practical at every step of our lives . I am glad I wasn’t among the one born in the silver spoon in mouth for what life is actually calls out for the people who are at sixes and sevens . 

And at this point of my life I would like to thank all my acquaintances (friends including) to show me the real bond between me and my family and above all the importance of my loved ones . I am no perfect for I am no intelligent but the thing is that I am a little closer to my life one step ahead from all those who think the moon can be deceptive but there friends cant . And maybe I was the unluckiest among the crowd for having no such friend to count on or I was closer to life and more richer because I had my own family as my best friend forever !. Whatever is it ,this is the good bye to all who thought me unworthy because if there is no body on your side family and your own shadow would be like always . and this family is surely DIAMONDS OF THE FIRST WATER .;)


There is famous phrase which states and is like EVERY THING HAS A DUAL FACE LIKE A COIN “ ,it states true for both the living and a non living . Classifying the two types of things on this holy planet earth as living and non living to a lay man they usually comprises of things which can breathe , smell ,and do any other things which a man does and the latter one is which holds a good example for the antonym of the first . When I say EVERYTHING I conclude everything that comes under universe ,plants ,animal , people and those million of things to which man is still unknown . Coming to the phrase I stated in the beginning of my article states that anything around has a dual face . Like the book on your shelf is either a devise of knowledge or some one has written his destructive story and piled it up for his readers that is you . Or take a glass of water which is on a table , to some it may be as negligible as an ant but to many it may destroy your newly bought  carpet when it would fell down . So world is a big mass to collect all the good faces and negative on one side of a differential column .Like the security of the people is the only matter of the officials ruling it , no lay man can hold the responsibility of so many individuals but yes calamities do happen and this holds true for the officials too for they are no GOD .

When asked a child about how it can define the word life , there are few  instances which  we come across where it explains life as a positive energy which helps people to survive ,for living in a world takes both pleasure and pain together .And pain to many is just  a thorn bite or a fall , but those living in  a penury describe pain as loss of all the attributes of world that make life happy . This world has seen many centuries like the one in which Shakespeare lived or in a one where GHALIB lived and to the recent we have people like Obama and also people like the one living in the slums near city outskirts . Materialistic world is the one in which we our living for the eras which belonged to Shakespeare was the literate era for all they knew was the river of their words and not like today where even the natural wonder water has become costly .Life has become all together an irony of jumbled things . Where books are still the major of happiness for many but the writers still cant stop penning down there heart break or loneliness .why cant life be just positive ? why  cant it just maintain the one face of happiness ? why there has to be double faces of the cruelty and penury ? why is today’s world full of diversities ?


These are some of the questions that my 9 year old cousin asked me to which I was left perplexed and startled . and when my turn came to answer her back I remembered my favorite stars movie in which he practices excelsior the energy by which we can maintain only positive energy within our souls.And that very moment a new birth had taken place within me ,within my surroundings the birth of EXCELSIOR.Thats where a new hope begins !