The little girl !

slum girl

She was having goosebumps and I as an intruder could watch inside of her eyes that dreamt and had been dreaming of the old fairy tale . I wondered :was the Lord biased? Or was He giving? And I had a sigh that was unheard by the crowd .

Aeroplane flied high touching the cover of sky, sky what to say about it . It is magnificient, it is filled with charm but like the land covers the element of inequality high up above .She was watching either the plane or the birds , but she was watching high . Though living in a place where dust and home are equilant , where the purification is no word and where people call the place the slums . But still she looked high at the sky .I went to her as a friend , and a questionaire that was set up by herself , and my conscience . I wanted to ask her what inspired her to look upto the sky and that height without blinking and with continuity . With these questions overflowing my heart second thoughts arose , as to what would be her reaction , what would be her attitude . But then I let it go and approached to her . I remember she was wearing a torn skirt and a skinny shirt and looked mal-nourished . She was black in complexion and her hair was more beautiful than the fake hair actresses wear .

“HIE , I said and she smiled with the circle of  silence that seemed to never end . I broke the silence for I had to ask her and I said :how have you been , my little girl ?

I dont know had she seen in me some familiarity or positivity that she started playing with my hair , started touching my accesories which I wore and gave me smiles all this way .she then started , my name is Lilly , and I live here . I saw you watching me the heights of sky and plane but I can only see and imagine for I cant buy the pen . I was day dreaming about my sitting in that airplane and what more flying it myself . A fairy land had evolved me in the day . I have heard that fairy tales occur mostly at nights but for me day and nights are all same . I am never exposed to anyone but when you came and smiled at me you actually took me out of the fairy land and reality came back to me with a blink , blink that was missing at the begginning .I cannot fly in the sky nor I can travell in plane the thing I can do is sit at one place and watch the heights . That moment she had a call from a woman who was maybe over hearing us . Or maybe who was her mother and at that moment I had a grudge cum question to lord ;

“Creator of us, all merciful , but then why to her the sky is fairy tale and why to us the death? “I had a sobbing and prayed for the protection of the fairy tale of the little girl . ..


I wish to see the sun of reality in sometime of my existence

The sun rises in the sky ,
The flower grows down in the earth
Eagles have their prey in the moonlight
Curtains are all over by your side .

People greet with smiling face, showing their sober to others
Had the other known the fact their is a curtain prevailing in between
The world has seen many centuries, eras,and people
Of which the pious one is unknown ,

But between the angel and the demon
There is a curtain which beholds ,
Society is ruled by the governors on the top
Bribes are taken from the poorer class ,

The latter one ignoring the true story
For he knows that their is a curtain which adds to its roar ,
When pride ,prejudices rule the world
Truth , self opinion loses control,

For it knows that their is a curtain to be closed.
Repugnance, repentfulness, sorrow when piled up ,
Suicide , killing,death crowns up
All hopes are lost and sun rays are gone,

Because there is a curtain which is still widespread and needs to be crushed,
Water flowing from the spring comes to the brim
Dont know where to go ,left or right ,for there is a curtain that needs to be rolled.

Being consience or unconsiencly we smell the curtains of life at each stage,
Where at one side there is a curtain of lose,
And at other hate.

Curtain of fade ,curtain of fake
Curtain of despair ,curtain of lie.
Curtain of high esteem, curtain of tide.
Curtain of duty,curtain of misery .

The curtains that cut man from each other
The curtains which stop happiness to spread
They are called curtains because they are the barriors
They are called curtains becaue they are the refusal.

On a morning i pray to the rising sun
Let these curtain be cut down at last
And world be a less misery
For there are curtains of irony !