and there will come a time ,when my void feelings would get a shelter under the  happiness of the rays of bright suns!

In the closet of mine ,in a dark empty room
I find a key chain that let me travel in the gloom

For it made me ponder on my miserable times
When i was no less a night but a man .

I lay down ,wrapped under a black sheet
Silver and golden beads sparkled all over me ,

Couldnt find anyone when gave a call to someone
For they had left me alone in the journey of my life.

But i am no timid ,i am no weak
For i let my soul to rest in some solace of its own .

Realizing how many lovers would have gone through me,
Crying and giggling the words of love in the air because of me .

I felt proud because i was the one who was neglected before,
But i saw many couples still dancing on their toes.
Their is a place full of people ,when i tend to cover them with black
They lit the glasses of candle and rejoice .

when they come from long journeys ,
They set there relaxing mode in my army

For perfect it seems for a newly wedded people
To let them express their inner feelings .

But as i say everything has a double face
I am no less for i am no extra

People are there who loathe me
People are there who abhore me,

For i am the one giving them pain
For i am the one giving them no sleep.

Science calls it insomania
I dont have a power to erase it .

I am subsided by the sun rays of the morning
I am ended by the new day of the begginning .

And when my alarm rang
I realized the meaning of life

an abandoned man, and a night
Are a same with no competition .

For a man to be in despair
Is like a night having no light .

So i was once a night but a man,
But i got the new way with the sun shines ! .

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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