Relationships ~ THEY HOLD SO MUCH

Desktop__17Birds flying in the sky high above , take the flight to the land of their own . They bind themselves into a bond with the layers of the blue sheet . They create a temporary relationship of that of a parent and the children . Sky being the protective layer protects them from the satan or the enemy as the parent does for his children . Man is in a run always . Not belonging to a specific place or a group he travels though not being a traveller . He seeks for lifestyles , though being materialistic he generally happens to forget GOD and when he does he is generally in need of him . Selfish ,yes selfish is the word for man . But in this period of existence he beholds numerous relationships though being the temporary one ‘s .but yes some become the eternity one ‘s too . The family being the root of the relationships . Is the ever lasting one . Father mother and siblings , so much to share and love about . They feel complete with being together . Then comes the secondary relationships .the one being with the random people you meet . The friends and the people you come across . These kind of relationships are obvious . For we are humans and we ought to build the acquaintance . Speaking about the other relationships nature is the second most that comes after family . Its startling how a man is touched by the depths of oceans ,heights of mountains . how he relates every animals relation with his own . How he feeds the animal with the food early in the morning . How he discovers nature and become a part of it . Its apt to have a reference of nature in a poem or a drama or any other literature genre for the erudites writing them have been deprived from the world and have jumped in the ocean of nature . Then if we talk about the social media it is shockingly interesting to know how we try to imitate our lives with that of our favourite actor , journalist ,or any other celebrity . Its awesome how we imitate the movies and cry on the emotional scenes . I am sure about this because my mother does cry . How music has become a part of our daily lives . Music ain’t only the nirvana songs or beetles discography its about how waterfall creates music , its about how we hear the voice of hammer digging a hole , its about every maid uttering while washing the utensils . Its about having a long walk alone and birds chirping .

Relationships ain’t only about humans . On hunting animals we being humans make a terrible act . We don’t reflect the pain of the mother of the little one who has been killed by us or vice versa . Patriotism is the strong word for relationships . Love for one country . Its like having love for your existence . Martyrdom can explain patriotism very aptly . Its a worth lesson taking thing how people take their whole life for fighting and then suddenly die in the midst of nowhere . They are true legends . Count your work as the relationship that’ has been made to be the first priority . Be whatever kind of work you love to work and don’t like just to lay around .

Conclusions relationships ain’t only about fathers and mothers .or siblings and cousins it about the depths of nature and the things around the wall . Spin the curtain , revolve the globe , flip the diary ,sprinkle the water from fountain for there is the possibility you will understand the word RELATIONSHIPS ~TAKBEER

Colours ~ they give us a LESSON !!!

isColours , mere word of six alphabets,
Speak so much though ,

Waking up in the morning ,
The yellow light of the sun welcomes you
To the world of hopes and gives you birth .

They let you go in trance ,
For they have depth that is un known ,
Looking up at the green sheet where I lay my feet it says me prayers that I utter with the flowing tears ,

Well on closing the eyes while meditating ,
Black cover of wallpaper occurs ,
That calls for repentance , that calls for God ,
I open up my eyes and cry for forgiveness .

blue above us and the survival colour for many
Has both the density and depth
Birds which dive into the blue sky ,
Fishes which swim accross the blue lines ,
Yet they tell me the stories ,
Of the never giving up tales ,and
I learn the victory .

Becoming the ruler of my own life
I craft for several other things ,
The golden colour peircing through the window ,reflects the spirit of the kid drawing on the sheet of paper .

The silver lining of the moon ,
Shows way to me when stuck in work
I learn the angel it has been drawn
And my way is shown .

The red light that comes out from the sky
When looked and starred
Gives a flash back to past
And gives a way to build
An impeccable future .

Above all comes the king of colours,
Hoisted for the peace by erudites ,
It stands erect when a bird flies through sky
It marks the victory and defeats the devil
Its the white colour which beholds the crown !

this is the actual story of the woman in any part of the world !
I truely appreciate the writers effort in bringing the light to the darkness ! #RESPECT

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Earlier this week, or perhaps last week, Mom made a very profound statement while we were having breakfast. The conversation was basically revolving around Kashmiri weddings, the hype, and the follow up: The marriage.
So while touching upon the area of the expectations everyone has from a daughter-in-law, Mom, visibly emotional from all the discussion, said, “Asli chunne korren kahn pannun garrai aasaan” [ A girl, does not have a home. Period].

 She went on to elaborate and said that, right from the time that she is old enough to make sense of stuff, they keep telling her that, “czhe chui voparr garre gassun” [ You have to go live in a stranger’s house]. Then on her wedding day she gets told, “Wein chui yohai czhe garre” meaning that, this, her in-laws place, is her actual home. As she settles into married life, she realizes that she is constantly…

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An intrude flight !

On the top of the mountain , I once laid my head
Didnt want to move,for I had smelt my dream .

Accomplishment is what marks the end,
But I needed to step one more degreeimages

For me that time I had the sky target ,
It was impossible for others but I focused .

They had abandoned me for I held my head high
I accorded myself ,the permission to fly ,

They say attitude is what makes your personality ,
With adversity I just let myself be what I was .

I had smelt the victory ,i was already in the sky ,
Suddenly I saw some birds lying with me .

They had become my partners for we lived together ,
Saying me good bye they took a flight to search for food.

Waited for them for days and centuries
When somebody told me they had went to GOD ,

I was antipathetic , I was in vacuity ,
I saw my life intricated and deluded ,

I closed my eyes ,i saw myself ,
I opened my eyes I was On ground .

A poignant substance entered my body ,
I felt weak ,forlorn and lean .

I smelt the reason behind this situation ,
I got the answer which was impeccable ,

I had tried to fly like a bird ,
In the greed had smelt the victory .

But I was in dark for I was unaware
Of falling down from heights ,

My eyes were red ,they bleeded
As I saw my soul on ground ,

I smelt the reason they had vacated me
I praised them for their affluent judgment ,

Promised myself to be humble to GOD ,
for he gives things in the written time

I wasn’t upset ,for finding myself on ground
Rather I was felecitated for my soul was reborn !!!

-takbeer !


curved , spined , tangled I lay myself on bed
Thinking about the stars I had been gazing so far ,
I could reflect just upon the facts
I could reflect just upon miseries

Man intelligent then other live forms
I asked this question many times to God

why on earth man was so complicated
Why didn’t he made man less beautiful ,

If he had to be mortal
Why had he to create him feelings

Life is in many forms
A cow giving birth to calf

A deer eaten by tiger
A human boy sulking milk ,

None seems to live perfect
For he is to die one day !

This thought has been depriving everyone
This thought has been poignant ,

What is there after life?
What if we die today?

There would be no wide sea to praise at
There would be no vast sky to hold on,

But still man moves on,
Locked his life doors finding the keys ,

Prays ,for his existence
Deluded by the fate

Disbelief in GOD ,
Abuses his existence ,

Then finally he lays on bed
With all the past memories

He cries ,he beggs for mercy
But he is laid in grave ,

The one who are still alive ,
Ponder on life ,

Judge GOD For being cruel
don’t realize the literal stuff !

Bounded in the realm of world
They loose grip which holds onto GOD ,

Falls down ,prays to GOD,
Becomes selfish , arrogant

Cycle repeats over generation
Till one day mentioned in all religions ,

Not the erudites ,nor the clergy
Would be saved from hell or heaven ,

Its the day of doom
That would judge your existence !

So do not judge GOD
For you are to be judged

Repentance is what a alive man can do
Blown off by materialistic things he is in dark .

God would be seeing him from up above
Would be writing his day of good -bye !

Un aware of this fact he goes on with dreams
Which deep inside him are already being killed

IN THE END a WILL is what matters!!

389504_188133374616290_1378423345_nTHE minutes that would be counted as my last ,

i imagined myself in a bed of pain ,

group of relatives would be beside me

none to share my agony ,

as i imagine my death day ,

i hope it wouldn’t be same

for everyone has different story

but this world has the same till eternity ,

Why does God , produce man?

when he is not mortal ?

why does he create relationships ,

when he knows they are all fake ?

so i imagined in my dream ,

my death bed ,

i am fragile ,pale ,and about to exile

i see around me numerous unknown people ,

some crying , talking and some faking

in the corner i see two doctors

revealing the time of my days

they believed and announced it

i remembered God for he is the master ,

knowing about the time ,

people where in hurry

in was surprised though ,

because none stood beside me

i prayed inside ,my heart , i asked for forgiveness

when at that moment someone produced me a pen and a white paper

i dont remember the actual words ,but they told me to sign on the will

my heart had been a naive ,i thought for i was just worth a sign and not love

i sighed inside and signed the will .and the

reaction to me made  me numb ,

people who made me sign shook their hands in felicity

the vision before me was turning blur ,

i was as wise as a Solomon,

to realize the meaning

i prayed and asked

for the forgiveness to lord happily

for i was living in  the world of

heartless hinds

i closed my eyes and left for heavenly abode

to the place i dont know paradise or hell

but the only thing i know

the place would be better than thie

materialistic world Image



 constellation of stars

looks fair as a rose ,

as proud as a peacock ,

it stands erect high above

when looked from the ground

they look like a garland of golden flowers

who knows about them from beneath

its the God who did their lexicography,

sitting on a porch,

having a cup of tea,

i starred at them,

till i landed in my dreams .

i was as white as snow

standing in a garden though solitary,

i had something in my hands,

that were as hot as fire

i looked at them

with the black background around .

they made me as hard as a stone,

I  remember my face,it was pale as death,

i screamed for help,

because they were as

sharp as needle,

I being solitary,nobody came to me , but 541984_348485641885664_209992052_n

something pierced me as the rose thorn pierces into the body,

I looked around and i saw my hands ,

there was nothing beside me to which i was surprised ,

I had the same porch,

the same tea cup ,

i looked above the sky ,

and the stars smiled ,

a  constellation of stars ,

had thus hypnotized me,

nothing would have been more

beautiful than this dream,

i was cold as ice ,

i had realized ,

things we have

should be respected,

for when they are lost ,

we try to crave for them,

stood up , raised my hands ,

in the glory of God,

Praised him for the life ,

and for the things he has

vouch safed me with.