As there is bate for a fish there are words for human !

Amid-st the  valleys ,cities and towns

there are two eyes whispering the song ,

focused on the hole of the wall

these eyes meet a sky fall .

The dark night that come twice a week

holds the lovers together at feast ,

stars shining high above the balcony

Shakespeare uses this in his irony .

To a lay man world is stage and we the players

but to an erudite its much beyond the deep,

to which the lay man is unknown

to which the poets of fall echo.

Children in the garden play hoo la ho ,

unaware of the fairies going round and round on a toe

they surely are the miracles of his creation

who leave the common mouth opened.

The two eyes which mentioned above

meet with a conversation of two beloveds ,

of one asks as to what is that holds the people together

as to what is there beyond the tale of the Ceaser .

To which the other was dumbfounded,

promised to his beloved the answer to the question,

on a horse he set his journey to find the answer

he met many but he was still not knowing .

Then somebody told him to read the philosophy

he went through the biggest chronology,

but with the confused state of mind he returned back that night

when under a cliff he found a note in surprise .

Astonishingly he  uncovered the paper from beneath

there was nothing but one word written that was the WORD itself ,

he looked at it like the slum kid looking at rich

but put back the paper in the midst.

Then he went to the alchemist the another day

who laughed at him as if he had cracked a joke,

he then said to him that the world has a force

people call it WORDS that holds them close .

In an explicit way he said to him

for a lay man to understand the world ,

the poets of fall wrote the bridge of words

to let the lay man know the hidden story of earth .

He stood up and smiled at himself

for he now knew the answer to his beloveds question ,

for he knew the force which has made us a worth creations

for he knew the WORDS of reality of the world .

Went to his beloved the next day

looked in her eyes and then revealed,

the mystery he had solved and the answer he had got

for he was rich for he knew the WORDS .

Her beloved was overwhelmed by the efforts of her loved one

she tossed him at his head and then said ,

let the bards of Avon or London write a tale

of the lovers who knew the mystery of their sail .

And let the readers read the tale

with the zest as that of yours ,

let the eruidtes grew long beards

till they hear the tale of our known words .

The two eyes focusing on the hole in the wall

met with a stream of tear which was bound to fall,

because he was the one reading

‘the tale of our known words”.

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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