As Rumi says it!

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Lost in the dreams , created by illusions , mentioned in the fairy tales , life is lived by the humans. Humans to be more precised are the epitome of being alive , like they have the most of the experiences about life ,eclipsing the life lived by other alive beings on earth . For human is the most wisest and intelligent of all . But how far is it truth? Like how is he so sure about sun rising the next day ? What if the light didn’t appear after a tunnel , its all up-to God so why does human still call himself the creator of universe .? Some of these questions and many other need to be pondered about . In the era’s of the science and literature era where newton described gravity and Shakespeare the romantic love between romeo and Juliet there was a reality that was known to all which is unrevealed to this mankind of world. The reality of an end the death . like they knew about the deep reality of life that is it is a farce and it has no meaning ,and maybe that’s the cause they didn’t believe in money making but knowledge be it of any kind but they were the earlier humans .

In this materialistic world where our greed’s and needs surpasses the religious rituals have made humans to target of blindness . They have eyes but still the darkness creeps in . Among  the so many beautiful things God has bestowed us he still longs for money , and the rank he desires of . He plays it like a chess game where he is the king and his love the only queen . And nobody else hardly matters. He doesn’t realize that within a blink of time he can find himself in darkness and it would appear him like his big dream . Every human has lost the essence of living in today’s mankind and its not too late for him to realize that sun rises from the west too . Among st the nature the human dwells in his pride and wishes for the victory not caring about the bad and good deeds . Giving reference about the apple picking poem of Robert frost which clearly states that humans have forgotten to deal with their deeds and have lost the track which would lead to their supreme. He forgets that he is a traveler ,life a journey and this love,heart break ,relationships a farce ,what he really forgets is the supreme up above . As rumi says it ‘i know where i am going as much as the ball that’s rolling.!’ needs to be reflected more then its surface meaning for its the reality lost in the group of clouds.

That light


Salim is the new boy of the town .Brown eyes of which speak a lot . Miseries and happy endings has been his story of the life and he lays himself on a round oval huge stone besides the pond. Its the early timing of the day , and he lays his chest on that huge stone crying the agony of his lost soul . As soon as the crimson ray of the sun falls on his forehead he gets charged and he tries to find the reason. Amidst the reasons he tries to trace the path of the light that fell on his forehead . He was in a trance. He followed this light but knew no end. years,ages pass but he still follows that particular light .and amongst this theft like follow he meets with various kinds of things in his way. He one day while taking a nap on his journey saw the calf being nourished by the mother cow,he also saw a galloping horse running running to the point where salim was unaware but a point came where it just stopped and fell down. He watched the birds fly and fly and go higher and higher but through the hunters eyes it was already dead. During this journey where he just followed the light he met his beloved too and their hearts where made of same mirror pieces . But the beloved had to leave him and salim was once again all alone in the journey of light . Through the meadows ,through the valleys he went ,it was like the light was escaping from him . He remembered the moment he first had saw that light he was so much happy that it couldn’t be described . But in this journey a time came when salim became breathless he starred at the hole in a tree and the glimpse of his childhood came to him . He drank water and remembered his beloved but then tears was what stole the moment .he once again set for his journey this time it was the mountains who had his grief ,the light that looked so far now had been the closest thing ever . At some point he saw the light up above him ,and sometime in the 90 degree direction he held his hands to have the light but it all seemed like a dream . Then in the way of nowhere he burst out to the angels of the mountains but they were still clueless and he decided to end .as the time went and the diurnal ended up being nocturnal his eyes met with some thing more fascinating. Now this time it had more pressure . It wasn’t the crimson light and the same horse galloping it was the silver light of the moon that was hypnotizing him . There was the sight of a silver bat roaming around here and there like a messenger .with the hypnotizing light salim was in the second journey of this lifetime he followed this light from end to end but couldn’t catch even a glimpse of it . Years go by and he still follows the light now its the different story of that of the dUal one .but salim has now gone fragile ,now it is like touch me not plant but when he does no longer see his reflection in the pond he dies with the prick of the reality and ends his life following the unicorn .


The ship sails through night and day
Amidst the dawn and the dusk
Carrying the passengers all along
The wrath of sea is but unknown.

Up above we have a sky
Where birds flatter and fly
They go to their destinations
But who knows the dead one .

The nature is in euphoriaimages
As it’s constant and not shrinking
The esctacy doesnt know the calamity
For it never knows the time of fade .

The soldier dies for his country
the eagles fly up above
The stream of the blood flows
but life still goes on for the old .

There is some light that connects
The old,naive ,the evil and devil
But what are they running after
As the pain of cries are in heaven .

In the hustle bustle of good and bad
The soul of the child is left behind
Who will nourish it with what
since the devil and evil dwell together .

And hence in this pride of world
The crystal ball is broken
The one which held light
Has met with an end .



There is light all over ,unusual light
Never seen such like that ,but it is light
I see the angel with the feathers of white
I see him symbolizing the logo of dove.

But there is someone like me in his arms
He is just like me another human
A child perhaps ,perhaps my brother
For he has a soul just like mine

He is shy ,not behaving like a bold
For he has got that spark all cold
He is the new arrival to this illusion
Illusion that has got all the evils .

Fascinated he is by the light present
He crafts for every spark and glitter
But amidst the traffic of such shimmer
He is lost in the group of darkness .

The things that look so bright
Where once so easy to catch
But never had his heart known
The erudite’s tales of deceptions.

Within the blink of eye , the angel was gone
The crystal ball that was solid was broken
And the child that appeared like my brother
Had now been the mystery of some black swan.

The toughest machine!

download (5)If ever I was asked about the one complicated machine that had been ever created my vote would go for the human body not because I belonged to it’s category but no airplane,no telescope,no helicopter is as complicated as the human beings for there are many reasons.

FIRST: first of all the structure is to be praised.How beautifully is it set up.Which engineer,or which scientists would have come across the idea of making a structure that is easily enough to control the world. The eyes that could see the creations of almighty which are so magnificent that even the encyclopedia would fall short of the words.who would have ,other than the God HIMSELF   !download (7)

SECOND: comes the gift bestowed to the human i.e life. Ever pondered about what life is basically?who created it by what intentions?Encyclopedia and thesaurus defines the life as that thing that is alive.but how far is it reality?because even an alive person is dead while he is asleep..but then what is reality?

THIRD:gift of emotions.The roller coaster ride of emotions that human always fights with is the third miracle.what is anger?what is smile?what is euphoria?what are the other jumble groups of many more constant emotions are another set up of miracles that this difficult machine the human body is bestowed with.

FOURTH: struggle,struggling in life is the biggest gamble a human being does in the period of his existence.struggling with anything ranging from work,status ,position,rank or even life while fighting with deadly diseases. Struggle has been there for the poor and rich it sees no status hence its stagnant not shrinking.

FIFTH:‘death‘.human being is born,and raised .it is build up and it shrinks though for others life moves on.but for the individual it is the same is an illusion that seems so beautiful but closer it comes heart wrecked it leaves a person.

Summing up this essay I would conclude that no machine other than human body is as complicated as it is because no machine dies in the end as this does .download (6)



When I look back at the frozen doors
Doors of serenity and hope,
As a lover of HIS shows
I cover myself under a cloak.

I wish my birth to be among them
These fresh doors are so material
I crave for the night
where I ,could praise HIM for the light.

But who has been compared to them,
Comparison doesnt meet their doors even
They were the scholars and depth of ocean
For they were the lovers of lord and no body else.

I am living in the lust,
Where love can buy money
Where body’s are sold for pleasure
And not kept hidden from the public.

Talking about the beloved
I am still longing
For I am a sinner and a seeker
To which realization is still hidden.

But they say what goes around
Comes back too,
I crave for the beloved lord
I crave for one and only HIS love

B’coz all things come in a circle
This shall pass too
Long live the literature lovers
For there will be again love

That is not lust but pure
That is for HIM
And not for world,for there
Will be again love that is lost in paradise.

Those Tears (I am sorry)

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Tears are all around
In the eyes of old,
In the eyes of naive
There is a stream to flow.

Tears have their story
A story that is different
Some shed tears of longing
And some of deception.

But those tears when I saw
My heart stopped and crushed
It broke to pieces and I could hear
The mirror of my heart breaking.

That time I couldnt see deep
B’coz I was the reason
I cursed the situations
And I just couldnt stop from bleeding.

My heart was in pieces,it was sure
Blood was all around
It was b’coz of those wrinkled eyes
That I stopped breathing.

Time had stopped and I was frozen
I couldnt see no more of those tears
For I was tender,
I couldnt let him stop but,I could feel the outburst pressure.

This was the first time I saw him cry,
My life went into dark just because i was the naive
The doors of separation had started
And the days now could be counted

But ,dear daddy I LOVE YOU
ISINT that enough?
Though we cant stay that strong
But I promise to make you proud.

B’coz daddy friends might break,
Teacher may leave the class
Our relation has the limit sky
For,daddy you are my only star !!


Love to my beloved’s !


It stands erect,straight
Beauty personified
But it grows old too
Like the man with the spectacles

I’m talking about
The chinar
To which my home is sparkled
It is like the young me
In autumn it sets that example.

But it also fades away
like my parents and I would
This is the world’s story
Where everything that goes
Around comes back.

They set for the journey
To there dreams
But leaving their
Old one’s alone.

They cry inside but
Never return back,for
They want to learn more.
Family is broken

Parents are shattered,
But these children make
A loud cry amidst the stars
When they shine

They go back to their parents
Repenting about their act
I was sitting on a bench
Beside the brave chinar.

Witnessing the story of the
Separation of kids
Tears flowed and I cursed
I had too left
But today i want to tell

My icons the tale of love
Dear,you are my heroes
Not less than any superhero
I am the one who escaped

I am the one who broke
But my deeds payed
Though leaving you alone
You’re my infinite lord

Ill be back
Back with the treasure
I would let you fly
Dont grow old till then ,I would be back with your love..

(#a tribute to my parents for letting me enjoy the every miracle of life, and a tribute to say that I LOVE YOU )

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So the moment is just like the same.There are many multi -tasking going on.Some are distributing sweets,huggs and kisses are being recieved and given .Some where even deciding my future and also guessing what the baby would be called.This is the moment called my birth.My moment of birth is just as same as any child.So amidst these happenings doctor in the meanwhile has given my mother the permission of going back home,and we are all set to start afreash ,the family of four.

My sister is small but she is a grown up in her own self , emotions that even lead one to death have certainly crept her inside for she has taken up the responsibility of the three of us ,I ,mother and father. At this stage of my life where i stand today and when i sometimes ponder about the past I smile and wonder that how does God beautifully bless people with family.How fortunate are the children who get so much love from two unknown people apparently their parents.Life is an IRONICAL statement itself.

So ,our family which is still struggling to get a worth life,where we strive for a better life each day .Eyes are there for people to dream,to make castles not only in day but also in reality.Fortunate are those not born with a silver spoon for they know the hidden reality of life.I personally dont think that king and queen of the town would have been able to answer the ‘what’s’ of life,for they just know the number of hotels they own leaving behind the reality of life who owns just his own life.tumblr_m4tfc0DuQR1qfet8co1_400tumblr_m4tfc0DuQR1qfet8co1_400

Chapter 1


HOW many in this world are actually lucky? lucky IN terms of money,lucky in terms of fortune,lucky in terms of escaping the wrath of some freaked out neighbour and lucky in some gamble.How many actually?but to me the word lucky just means to be born .i mean world is vast and we humans are carried in some random person’s womb which we call later on our mother’s..i mean how more a person can be lucky ?.LUCKY always reminds me of the song by Jason mraz counted in my favorite list of singers. to be born is just like any other magic performed by a magician and a food produced by a cook.experienced magician would get a round of applause while performing his stunts and a cook if produced a good food would be a chef a one step ahead. And birth to me is like the same thing where God is the magician and we are his magic.

So coming to the memory lane of my birth , i can reflect upon the day very well. It was 30-08-1994,as they say i am a 90’s kid. When i look now at the babies cradle in hospitals and in it babies looking here and their with heterogeneity at peak i wonder what would i have been dreaming about at this stage of my life. Would i have ever got a glimpse of this moment when i am writing a book or would have i just made it something more great. i WONDER yes i do, and i can make an estimate that many among my crowd of fans would have also . For we are humans and humans do imagine . So i was a healthy child born at 3of the night.blessing my parents with trouble in the future or a real bliss to which the result is still hanging for i still exist.
Existence is the thing that i still lack. For existence to me is like bon jovi,bob Marley  to which present generation still hail,and i being just another creature hanging to the calamities and blessings of life and still wondering who am i? .. I guess be i 40 years of age or 20 my existence would count just then when 9 person among ten would hail my name and the tenth would be repenting on his lack of knowledge for not knowing me . This should be my existence and my quest for life like it always has been the truth about life . Why is life and what is it ?

So , to me world is just as same as Shakespeare that is a stage and we are players. And to add one more theory to it ,its a set of existence and also imagination that makes our life worth . And if somebody in future would ask my children about the meaning of life they should be ready to answer it through their own self optimistic perception .