There is light all over ,unusual light
Never seen such like that ,but it is light
I see the angel with the feathers of white
I see him symbolizing the logo of dove.

But there is someone like me in his arms
He is just like me another human
A child perhaps ,perhaps my brother
For he has a soul just like mine

He is shy ,not behaving like a bold
For he has got that spark all cold
He is the new arrival to this illusion
Illusion that has got all the evils .

Fascinated he is by the light present
He crafts for every spark and glitter
But amidst the traffic of such shimmer
He is lost in the group of darkness .

The things that look so bright
Where once so easy to catch
But never had his heart known
The erudite’s tales of deceptions.

Within the blink of eye , the angel was gone
The crystal ball that was solid was broken
And the child that appeared like my brother
Had now been the mystery of some black swan.