The gone light


The place I have lived in all years of my life ,has been tagged by the mughal badshah’s as :”agar firdous baroye zameen asto humi asto humi asto ,humi ast “translation of which means _”if there is a paradise on earth ,it is this,it is this ,it is this “.Irony is this that the present generation both the rulers and the subjects of this so called paradise has lost the essence of the word paradise and in their dictionary there doesnt come a word that would be a synonym to the paradise .The light has gone though the sun sets in the same direction .Dawn is there where people set for night and rest but in my state there is a dawn at the fullest . Dawn of darkness ,dawn of black clouds ,it seems to me that i live among black swans and I am being trapped between thousand flies and there is no other way then suicide and let my soul in the name of them . Being a kashmiri has all the advantages on the minimum scale while disadvantages rise up every minute and we fell backward.. From 90’s itself when not even half of today’s generation had born there were ruthless firing ,firing from nowhere ,there were killings ,killings of innocence ,there were raids ,raids of houses , there was this molestation,molestations of human beings (females) ,yet again their were rapes ,rapes of females to be more precise “rapes of human beings ” .Having heard these stories of 90’s from my elders ,I thank Allah for making me live in this era of world for what i learn form those stories is just blood and death . But how far i am safe ? safe from the evil ? safe from the human ? SAFE FROM THE DARKNESS .2012-06-24 08.19.20

If 90″s era for kashmiris was drastically inhumane what is today ?is it any better ?is it just we are selfish in our own happy lives and those subjected to the brutality the only bearers .No this can’t be happening ,stop has to arrive ,and betterment has to be the new arrival . Going through the newspapers I am left with no words .feelings of pathos ,anger ,resentment ,grief and darkness has crept my heart .QUESTIONS like what makes people do that ?what makes people think like that, have created a cloud over the thinking part of my brain and I am speechless .FOR there was a news in last days that was so backstabbing for me and also a lesson that should be learnt.recently it was reported from all the social media and social sites that a molvi generally called a reliever to the heals in his own native town was accused of molesting and raping minor girls in the name of ALLAH .how disgusting it is how much . ALLAH would be so disgusted with his creations that we can’t even think of .how is it possible that this molvi who had this long beard and a turban raped every girl that came to him for their discontentment with lord . Did Not his conscience stopped him for a second . how brutal and how disgusting .

The place that was known for its serenic beauty has apparently lost its own natural too . we have
polluted it .yes the human kind . the feeling of wrath climbs up to every kashmiri ‘s heart as to what happened to this jannat . according to me we have mixed the religion with this materialistic world that co incidentally does not hold any match it’s like mixing maushrat with dunya.Islam with the materialistic desires . How is it possible that a ,guy starts practising reading quran and becomes a hafiz but his selfish interest is this that he would own money and become a popular hafiz of the popular mosque or how is it possible that we tend to make protests in the name of allah ,,shout slogans for allah and then kill the innocent irrespective of that they aren’t even the reason .Shame is in the name of this human kind that tends to make a better life in the wrong usage of religion .Pity and mercy is all what we can ask lord almighty to bless us with .and He is way too great to bless us with that .

There was this light ,that has now gone and people still ask for “AS TO WHAT HAPPENED “

Story from beneathe

snow4I was made of blue mountains, I was made of blue and white rivers
Alpine trees could seduce the tourists
I was famous for the crown ,

I was overwhelmed ,i was jovial
I was on the cloud 9 ,
the black swans were far from me
But that was time I was made to feed the heartless materialistic people in field ,

I am no poet, I am no singer ,
I can’t chant slogans I can’t breathe
For my life is now on edge
Either ways I am bound to meet a fall ,

Sometimes I am lively , sometimes I am haughty Both the times my blood is juvenile
I was crafted for the only title that said ‘if there is a paradise on earth it is this it is this , but it seems I am now the real KASHMIR ,

Poets of the fall who entitled me with this would have been honest if only people would have loved me
But they left me with blood ,dead ,rivers ,fake trees and still want freedom for me ,

Hypocrisy ruled me ,and is still,
I am no stand for me I am muted
I don’t find myself rhyming
For I have lost the tune of the rhythm ,

My brothers are being martyred
And sisters are being killed
I ask this question out very loud
For I was just another child named KASHMIR ,

What fault is on me that I am being slaughtered
I sigh as I keep my pen down for my words are left unheard even by a mere deaf
I still want to live , don’t murder me for you will go to hell jail ,

I still want to breathe don’t stop my breathes for punishment is tyranny ,
I want to be called as ‘jaanat -e kashmir –
For I have blood flowing down the streams the rivers are dead for eternity !