The Hugged Raven .

It was getting whispery, I had my mind swirled

Thoughts flew on my head ,and hand became the supporter.

I kept thinking on my past memoirs

Which were filled with blood and pain,Death had wretched me down and above

When I stopped thinking, and acted for a minute.


I took the autograph book signed by my batchmates,

Sighed for none were now in the limelight


Life is a miracle, we experience as we move on

We meet humans, as we live.

Its easy to pretend, difficult to die

When you have kids of all ages

Trying to be better then you

You smell yourself that of the loser,

A new wave of technique grasped me

It was like a nirvana ,when I succumbed in one corner

It was as if somebody had hugged me

And I had become a soul.

Take me from beneath ,I asked HIM

But he just sent me a Raven

And I had smile .

I still remember the aloofness I was later engulfed in

But couldn’t get the hold of time

To what I could have relied on.

Now I am stronger and I jump out of anxious

Let I open my wings to the mountains

And let I fly like a hugged Raven.