New life!


I am sitting , at home where family is around . But to my sight the atmosphere is changing to something indoor to outdoor . But how can it be a tree I wonder though stretching my one arm to feel it . But to my surprise it has got its branches . But I see around my left my family faces and in the front I see a landscape . It appears like a mirror has been set up in front of my eyes showing different creations of lord . I am confused .

I see myself sitting in the group of people , laughing, playing pranks, the hustle bustle is all the way . I see myself rising up above . My shoulders strech and I feel happy. The sun smiles and I go to the upper storey . New faces , background new, landscape altogether different but I am calm and everyone is amazing. People greet me at everystep. But then I watch two girls waving good byes , its me with a clip in the left side of hair. I am going off from college somewhere where I belong. Somewhere in the street. Along the roadside or middle but I am walking . I get down the lane and enter a door . Meet friends and enter another room . I have got my spectacles on . Life has come back to individual. The groups have lost there way in between . And I am hoping for someone to enter . And in the midst of this happening I close myself in a closet . I rubbed my eyes out of a doubt to what actually was happening , it was a vision . Vision of my new life , vision how its going to be like . I look to my left there are happy family faces . I hugg them for they arent in misery. But then I have chosen this life for me and I accept the way it has to come .



Clean it looked from far ,

all set for a war

the naive was standing in front .

while protecting the king .

They started with a move

struggling with a storm of plots

some started with their own ,

but some got lost .

Many got killed and many lost

but the victorious wasn’t always the one having crown

its about how wisely you play it

its about how safely you win it .

Deceptions and challenges are the basics

different ranks and one departure

all are set for being victorious ,

for who loves to be a loser .

I was  a king in the beginning of mine

deceptions made me a mere tank 

love made me a crosser 

the queen was the one who made me a horse !!.


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When each of us is born we are given as soul as if a
crystal ball…bright pure and shining….and this glitter
amazes us when we are small bt then as we grow
up…we ignore it….with time its shine tarnishes….and it
falls down again and again making it look like a big farce . And then the old same story is the new arrival of the show. The show of the life . The soul apparently loses the spark it gets invisible we try to get the spark back by praying but we are stuck between the materialistic and the spiritual world. Then it suddenly raptures ,someone takes it ,and what remains behind is the outline of our’s which was actually never created.

The gone light


The place I have lived in all years of my life ,has been tagged by the mughal badshah’s as :”agar firdous baroye zameen asto humi asto humi asto ,humi ast “translation of which means _”if there is a paradise on earth ,it is this,it is this ,it is this “.Irony is this that the present generation both the rulers and the subjects of this so called paradise has lost the essence of the word paradise and in their dictionary there doesnt come a word that would be a synonym to the paradise .The light has gone though the sun sets in the same direction .Dawn is there where people set for night and rest but in my state there is a dawn at the fullest . Dawn of darkness ,dawn of black clouds ,it seems to me that i live among black swans and I am being trapped between thousand flies and there is no other way then suicide and let my soul in the name of them . Being a kashmiri has all the advantages on the minimum scale while disadvantages rise up every minute and we fell backward.. From 90’s itself when not even half of today’s generation had born there were ruthless firing ,firing from nowhere ,there were killings ,killings of innocence ,there were raids ,raids of houses , there was this molestation,molestations of human beings (females) ,yet again their were rapes ,rapes of females to be more precise “rapes of human beings ” .Having heard these stories of 90’s from my elders ,I thank Allah for making me live in this era of world for what i learn form those stories is just blood and death . But how far i am safe ? safe from the evil ? safe from the human ? SAFE FROM THE DARKNESS .2012-06-24 08.19.20

If 90″s era for kashmiris was drastically inhumane what is today ?is it any better ?is it just we are selfish in our own happy lives and those subjected to the brutality the only bearers .No this can’t be happening ,stop has to arrive ,and betterment has to be the new arrival . Going through the newspapers I am left with no words .feelings of pathos ,anger ,resentment ,grief and darkness has crept my heart .QUESTIONS like what makes people do that ?what makes people think like that, have created a cloud over the thinking part of my brain and I am speechless .FOR there was a news in last days that was so backstabbing for me and also a lesson that should be learnt.recently it was reported from all the social media and social sites that a molvi generally called a reliever to the heals in his own native town was accused of molesting and raping minor girls in the name of ALLAH .how disgusting it is how much . ALLAH would be so disgusted with his creations that we can’t even think of .how is it possible that this molvi who had this long beard and a turban raped every girl that came to him for their discontentment with lord . Did Not his conscience stopped him for a second . how brutal and how disgusting .

The place that was known for its serenic beauty has apparently lost its own natural too . we have
polluted it .yes the human kind . the feeling of wrath climbs up to every kashmiri ‘s heart as to what happened to this jannat . according to me we have mixed the religion with this materialistic world that co incidentally does not hold any match it’s like mixing maushrat with dunya.Islam with the materialistic desires . How is it possible that a ,guy starts practising reading quran and becomes a hafiz but his selfish interest is this that he would own money and become a popular hafiz of the popular mosque or how is it possible that we tend to make protests in the name of allah ,,shout slogans for allah and then kill the innocent irrespective of that they aren’t even the reason .Shame is in the name of this human kind that tends to make a better life in the wrong usage of religion .Pity and mercy is all what we can ask lord almighty to bless us with .and He is way too great to bless us with that .

There was this light ,that has now gone and people still ask for “AS TO WHAT HAPPENED “

…But then !!

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There are walls made inside and outside

walls of poignancy ,and hatred all around

some are even being nice in nature

because they have created the walls of happiness .

but then who will break these walls ?

but then who will sneak from these ?

because life goes on my dear

but then you haven’t  sung the song of  hymn.

world is place of emotions,built with some random relations

where only family counts  , all others just vanish in the end

it has places that are big enough for one to praise

but the walls of the selfish nature have been raised .

but then who will answer HIM ?

but then who will seek for forgiveness

because our lives is a  test my dear

but then we have to meet with the hell .

The world doesn’t end in beautifying the body

for there where the literates and scientists full of knowledge

but all met with the accident of life ,

all were buried in the earth .

but then why does HE create ?

but then why do we survive ?

because O my dear life is a farce  ,

but then  even Shakespeare died .

SO lets make it a rule ,not to make any pool

for there are enough walls in our home

but none to protect us from the world

because they are just clay’s and nothing more.

and when the walls are broken

my dear i would make a promise

to hold the people in a circle

so that they wont scatter .

but then we are not the end

but then generations have to come

but we can set an example of being better ,for

but then my dear there is just life and nothing else.