A silly ache !

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Screaming like that witch in the movie

it goes in the field of the intense dilemma,

stopping it by resisting

I take a chance of recreation .

But it hasn’t been stopped by neither the naive

or a erudite ,for it goes on

its songs are sung when it breaks

and also when it combines.

I keep motivating myself for the better

but this is something that cant be

recreated .

there are memories in it

all of them are elegies and lullabies that need to be published.

I dare say that I am not the only one suffering’

because i have read philosophies and verses

more miserable than my story of it

but there is no comparison for this is an ache.

stones are cut by the hammer in the meanwhile

my eyes get a blink and wink at the same time

a sudden feeling of hope comes into me

that says a message of flexibility.

watching the pain the sun feels

when the clouds cover it by their grey shades

i wish i would have helped it but then

i smelt my own heartache .

rays of hope was sent to me

despite it should have sent the sunshine,

and i being a moon in the blue night

as mighty as it took a chance

recreating everything in a silver lining,

i smiled and kept the pain at still

because this world is a remorseful stage

where this silly heartache stands nowhere .