Skin,our very first attire !!

Imagine world with humans having no attires on themselves. Would that be obscene? Yes ,pretty much to the context of obscenity we find in today’s cinema and in  the stories of rape that have  been described so far. It would be quite absurd on the shops that excel in the quality of fabrics. Too many pre judgments on the clothes with benefits. But is this what Lord had deviced His mankind for?

To be shopoholic? Was it the only parameter of living ? Or was it another stair created by humans,by us. I don’t know why heart ponders about the little fancy pink coat on the first row of the big mall tagged under the price tag of 1,000000.Isn’t it just made by another human like you. Or like me. The wow thing is that we know that “they are better then us”.

There would have been less nudity if there were no attires. Technically speaking our skin was the first attire our skeleton got. Got goosebumps ? Well , I Just had a thought on it and I was yes , I think different.

It wouldn’t cause much obscenity if I were of skin colour because the attire would have been already missing.-takbeer