306657_342593849170241_253941047_nThere is a hole in your heart
It needs to be filled,
But despair has covered
The sheets of endless love .

What to do ? When the sky gets dark
Your dreams don’t seem to be clear
& you fade ,
You see yourself screaming to world ,
But left unheard you are their standing alone .

Now you are hating everything around ,
You also throw away things apart ,
But something is holding you to the grip
Of love to God and his blessings .

You then try everything ,remedies
Seem to fail ,
You even try to suicide but you
Are not brave
You try to look for a ray of hope
But still you get endless sheet of despair .

Music doesn’t seem to be appropriate ,
Books are too farther in list ,
You try to smoke ,try to hurt
But it fails for you Are all alone .

Now in this situation you once had a dream
You wake up and smelled the sunset of yellow , someone knocked at the door and calmed you down ,
For you were breathing too fast .

And in the end you concluded a fact ,
It was just HALLUCINATION that
You had been wondering about !


curved , spined , tangled I lay myself on bed
Thinking about the stars I had been gazing so far ,
I could reflect just upon the facts
I could reflect just upon miseries

Man intelligent then other live forms
I asked this question many times to God

why on earth man was so complicated
Why didn’t he made man less beautiful ,

If he had to be mortal
Why had he to create him feelings

Life is in many forms
A cow giving birth to calf

A deer eaten by tiger
A human boy sulking milk ,

None seems to live perfect
For he is to die one day !

This thought has been depriving everyone
This thought has been poignant ,

What is there after life?
What if we die today?

There would be no wide sea to praise at
There would be no vast sky to hold on,

But still man moves on,
Locked his life doors finding the keys ,

Prays ,for his existence
Deluded by the fate

Disbelief in GOD ,
Abuses his existence ,

Then finally he lays on bed
With all the past memories

He cries ,he beggs for mercy
But he is laid in grave ,

The one who are still alive ,
Ponder on life ,

Judge GOD For being cruel
don’t realize the literal stuff !

Bounded in the realm of world
They loose grip which holds onto GOD ,

Falls down ,prays to GOD,
Becomes selfish , arrogant

Cycle repeats over generation
Till one day mentioned in all religions ,

Not the erudites ,nor the clergy
Would be saved from hell or heaven ,

Its the day of doom
That would judge your existence !

So do not judge GOD
For you are to be judged

Repentance is what a alive man can do
Blown off by materialistic things he is in dark .

God would be seeing him from up above
Would be writing his day of good -bye !

Un aware of this fact he goes on with dreams
Which deep inside him are already being killed

IN THE END a WILL is what matters!!

389504_188133374616290_1378423345_nTHE minutes that would be counted as my last ,

i imagined myself in a bed of pain ,

group of relatives would be beside me

none to share my agony ,

as i imagine my death day ,

i hope it wouldn’t be same

for everyone has different story

but this world has the same till eternity ,

Why does God , produce man?

when he is not mortal ?

why does he create relationships ,

when he knows they are all fake ?

so i imagined in my dream ,

my death bed ,

i am fragile ,pale ,and about to exile

i see around me numerous unknown people ,

some crying , talking and some faking

in the corner i see two doctors

revealing the time of my days

they believed and announced it

i remembered God for he is the master ,

knowing about the time ,

people where in hurry

in was surprised though ,

because none stood beside me

i prayed inside ,my heart , i asked for forgiveness

when at that moment someone produced me a pen and a white paper

i dont remember the actual words ,but they told me to sign on the will

my heart had been a naive ,i thought for i was just worth a sign and not love

i sighed inside and signed the will .and the

reaction to me made  me numb ,

people who made me sign shook their hands in felicity

the vision before me was turning blur ,

i was as wise as a Solomon,

to realize the meaning

i prayed and asked

for the forgiveness to lord happily

for i was living in  the world of

heartless hinds

i closed my eyes and left for heavenly abode

to the place i dont know paradise or hell

but the only thing i know

the place would be better than thie

materialistic world Image


What goes inside? :- the writer writes it all !

262706_454709064590816_26031933_nI may be a random human to any person I know
But I have a heart and it has a song to be told

I don’t have high dreams for I know little
You should have known I have tears that could flow

You bang me , you flatter me , you take advantage of me
But inside you know that I am just being carried away

You draw a circle of my life by your fingers
From birth till today you ruined and you loved me with all the plans

On contrary I know your all secrets
And I praise you for your achievment

But this story knows my heart ,
For it is shy and doesn’t want to expose

I was the one who cried at every nag you had from parents
I was the one who had the share of them without any apprenhensions

I was the loved one in the family
But all my praises were for you

Because deep inside we knew
That you were the one who was supreme

I cannot help but keep sighing
For all I can reflect upon is my weeping heart and soul

You yell at me I show no grievance
You shout at me yet I remain silent

I don’t know are you not hearing my voice
Or am I failing in delivering the best from my side

I talk you get irritated , I don’t you rebel
All who is suffering is the vaccum between

The times I have gone through my past
Or the times I am going

Seems just to me as I am in a desert
Wandering over my existence

I see the same sky , I see the same birds
But bards in my life have disappeared , and tears have been welcomed .

I don’t know what makes me download trance to my playlist
I don’t know what makes my head ache while I keep my eyes open

All I know is that something is misleading
All I know is that I am loosing my flavour of existence

I don’t want tears in my eyes , for I wasn’t born to apologiez for nothing
If I have done wrong GOD is there and he would be teaching me a lesson .

I will not remain quiet for my silence needs some rest
Don’t provoke me to do a thing which would later on be regretted

I am confused , and wide awake on this night
Days of gloom seem to be my only friend in crowd .

I am not being rude in writing this poem
I am just letting my silence to go far

For I am a random human to you , but my
Heart has a song which needs to be told !