Literature classes have always  been fun. They are completely different when you consider it your profession. First step to read the book, analyse and critical analyse. Isint life too? As I mentioned in my first story, I was in depression. I had lost everything. I was free, the kind of free I never wanted. That was my story a month ago. Now when I analyse it , it was depressing, troublesome, still and unconscious of the future. Critically it the end of my flight. It was barren, savage. I was heathen in my own house. I think that is the only problem of humans. Humans tend to jump on conclusion so very fast. If you fail in one, then there is no way out. Shoot. Stop. Analyse the larger picture, don’t stop at the basics. People are anyway going to judge you.  A month later I am in a different city. Different people, a different me. Everything has changed, but for what? Encouragement, shelter, experience. This is life, a critical analyses of your own soul and experiences. This is life, a beautiful present to be opened at the perfect time. 

I called my mother , she jostled around the words. Calling out her condition I asked how is there? One word Stuck. 70th day of no work , that was what people tagged the paradise on Earth. Kashmir. 

Unfortunately it was bullets who ruled and people were laid. 

The inner you ,(the most perfect)!

images (4)Many times people represent themselves as a complete replica of what they are in social gatherings or when compelled to show their worth sometimes by the family members themselves . They tell them the tales they havent read themselves ,but is known to them by some source or friend ,only to raise the standard , in front of the large group of people. Perks of being yourself sometimes take guts and not alone confidence . And in this circle of pretending to be someone else people forget their own strength , and loose confidence . They keep their discoveries ,thoughts ,within themselves and this non sharing qaulity wrecks their lives in future .this happens mostly when a person is shy . Shyness is a qauality that doesnt allow one to be what they are . And hence leave them un recognized . Last days i recollected a movie cum poem invictus , in the movie nelson mandela is the protogonist whose life has been revealed in the simplest way . How he after spending years of his life in prison because of racial discrimination then in south africa ,and how he later on becomes the president of SOUTH AFRICA is inspiring .one should take and look on these great personalities and with the cup of strength one should break the doors of being shy and let the glasses of the captain lead their future life .