New life!


I am sitting , at home where family is around . But to my sight the atmosphere is changing to something indoor to outdoor . But how can it be a tree I wonder though stretching my one arm to feel it . But to my surprise it has got its branches . But I see around my left my family faces and in the front I see a landscape . It appears like a mirror has been set up in front of my eyes showing different creations of lord . I am confused .

I see myself sitting in the group of people , laughing, playing pranks, the hustle bustle is all the way . I see myself rising up above . My shoulders strech and I feel happy. The sun smiles and I go to the upper storey . New faces , background new, landscape altogether different but I am calm and everyone is amazing. People greet me at everystep. But then I watch two girls waving good byes , its me with a clip in the left side of hair. I am going off from college somewhere where I belong. Somewhere in the street. Along the roadside or middle but I am walking . I get down the lane and enter a door . Meet friends and enter another room . I have got my spectacles on . Life has come back to individual. The groups have lost there way in between . And I am hoping for someone to enter . And in the midst of this happening I close myself in a closet . I rubbed my eyes out of a doubt to what actually was happening , it was a vision . Vision of my new life , vision how its going to be like . I look to my left there are happy family faces . I hugg them for they arent in misery. But then I have chosen this life for me and I accept the way it has to come .