Char chinar was sparkling , it was sparkling white. My eyes closed as they couldn’t bear the noor. But what is noor , and how can one see it? I went further and further , Char Chinar was still sparkling. I saw a divine which was not normal. I had turned my head to the left side , positioning myself straight to this noor, as I came near to it the more it went away. I was stopped by the shikara wallah exactly opposite to Char Chinar, magnificent Oh God. Light was getting dimmer and it was at this time I woke up in my closet. Char chinar had been the most remarked dream in my life. I was at that point when I knew nothing. I was held by my fears , dreams and loss of everything. I was falling from prestige to a pit. It was sunshine , when my father and I stepped in the campus. Students all over the world came and started preparing for interview. Honestly , I didn’t.  The noor , would save me I whispered down in my heart. I was called and I was questioned , answered. I was happy , joyous. I came back and saw my father whose face had gone tired from waiting. I had never asked God for this, I had worked hard. ..

The noor vanished and I was alarmed fobreakfast. I saw light everywhere. I was distinguishing everything , light darkness. It was a hole inside my heart. Coinciding with Kashmir. Kashmir had lost it’s fame. It was close. Chambers had been put down. It was in shackles. Far from the city , women cried . Fathers crowded around. It was the mourning. Snow flakes were suddenly red and white was the blood. I was somewhere in the middle of the noor , trying my angels around. I was lost in the chasm and everybody had lost me. I was changed , submitting myself to knowledge. I was parting myself from emotions that drove me to madness. I had left out the fun, glamour , and lies. I was in noor , I was under the light. 

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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