From her eyes…

I see an image of a young girl. With braided hair and a frock she plays around joyously. I see she has a broad forehead and has dreams of a perfect world. She Is a loving daughter who caretakes her parents well. She is an adorable sister to her brothers and sisters and helps them in their tricks towards the old folk. She is as crazy as you think you might be. Well , she is the youngest in the family and everybody loves her. As a teenager her dreams were to escape the reality of torturous old age. She wanted a prince to woe her and make her his princess . Everybody in the family age, she did too. And she became the wisest of them. When her father was at the stage where memory had given its answer , she did every possible effort to give him a child’s blossom. But alas his days were near and he left the world for better.

A blurr image of happiness comes in between her pupil and eye ball. I can see her playing with her childhood her children. Fighting with her siblings but this time her husband. Being the number one in everything. From helping the kids to get ready for school for her own practice of getting early . And the family is all she has now , two children and a husband.

She closes her eyes now which are weak.Weak to the limit they can’t see the nearest hand on her shoulder. She fears the future. She thinks of it and she dies every moment. She wants a reconcilement but it won’t happen. I am a younger version of her. From her eyes I see a need of happiness. My heart cries at her melancholy. She is afraid of losing another one. Still she struggles to live for the present. I love her. I love her till my end . I love her and from her eyes I see forgiveness that I can’t bear.


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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