This is Life.

It’s like a flower. You water it ,and there rejenuvates opposites. Thorns and the flower of colours. To the naked eye the flower is always the beautiful , thorns are just a part of it though poisonous.

It’s like a bird . Having feathers which make it a flying thing. It’s like a bird which is so free that the human life creates the opposite for it. But when the same bird targets yet another like him , he is the devil . And the freedom becomes the obsession.

It’s in the colours too. Humans who are fair love black. Marriage couple detest it for having repelling nature. On contrary white is dove. Snow and serene. It’s like the colours. Beautiful but destructive.

It’s like pride. The neck is high above the ninth cloud. But even if the apple which created the gravitation didn’t fall ,the flowers which were spread in the sky for the felicitation of beauty fell down and were crippled under the shoes of the inhuman.

It’s like the iciles. Its winter. Its frozen. But on the other side its the water formed by the hot rays of sun. Its like summer , you can’t get naked because the skin isn’t enough to reveal. The scars are.

If you still didn’t get what “It” is like , grab a book , spread your legs , bask the sun. And you will feel alive. And that’s life.

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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