The Quest!!

What if plants lived with us. What if humanity lived together. No creed,no sex, no discrimination. No states, no philosophers. Just mankind. What if mountains weren’t the highest things . What if world didn’t exist. What is it for a noble cause. ? What is world?Ain’t humanity zombies who are just alive. Why was man sent to earth?To gain technology pursuits? To make money?To become capitalists? What for was life installed among the skeletons which are now the strongest power in the world. 

God sent Adam and Eve.. I guess they were the only humans. Yes. We aren’t there prodigy’s . No, life is mysterious. We break hearts, we have seal on it. Children leave there parents for further life. For future. Huh, how come we know our own future?

If God made humans look like ,why is someone more powerful in something or another. Why is man racing with God. ? Would there be a competition? Perhaps yes the doomsday. But that’s already written. So why is it told that the destiny is unknown. Oh God why did you sent us? Who am I God ? Answer above all my name isint myself. I am a looser. Explain my birth. I live why? Answer me with your reactions. I call out to you. I have my conscience alive. Oh lord tell me where do I belong? . Oh lord my patience has no limit now. I am suffocating. I miss my family being together. We are shattered. Yet bounded with your love. Crack the world. Give us the judgmental day. I want to see it with my eyes. Don’t bring me death before the criminal doesn’t die. Well I have made money I am the criminal. Ya rabb my heart cries .. I am anxious. Why did you made me like this ?. I am fake as plastic. Mould me damage me. I’ll crack frombeneath.

But still I move along. Cause you gave me this quest. I have this quest laid inside me. I will find the answer.


If you made me why am I competing with you. Why am I still the powerful. Who am I. What is my name. Why did I just give a birth. Oh Lord yes I have this quest and I will find my way..

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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