Kill me ,Oh stranger.

I don’t know her but still she is nice to me. I am sitting like a coward hearing to her words that are meaningless to me. I don’t know her. But she came just five minutes from now saying a hello and now we shifted to meta -physical. LikeSeriously?Dude,I don’t know you. Who are you? I am sitting here on my chair okay,technically my college’s furniture. And she came you know a girl came. But who is a girl ? A human with long hair? Who has labelled her as Her and not as Him. Oh lord why so confusing? Okay she came and acted like a human. That is to say sat decently, and started talking .Is that it? Is this the reason I should call her a woman or a girl or even a human?. Oh lord what is this? Who am I? A ghost perhaps who is running the opera called world. Why am I even acting?What am I saying? What is hello?. Who created all this?OKAY ,HELLO conscience.But ain’t this all in a dictionary? What is dictionary?Oh lord ,why this day and not Sunday where I might just be sleeping. Explain to me why Sunday a holiday? What is in Sunday? Who am I? Where do I belong? I know my family is in my hometown but who is my soulmate? Who has the thoughts same as me?Oh stranger kill me before I kill you . I am now enraged by anger. But what is anger ?What am I talking about?What is talking? Who am I? What is this A B C. ? Why do I live and see? I am not Human at least. Or what is human? Is he the one with branded attire and a good accent? Book said he was the one made by mud. Mud that I see as unclean. He was said to be having two eyes who could see good. But I see naked girls com modifying themselves. He was said to have two ears to give justice to who m deserving. But oh lord I am killing the innocent. He had a nose to smell the love . But I smell hatred. Oh stranger you might be the human. Kill me before the devil me becomes the human. Kill me before I equal you. Kill me for I am the name of materialism. Kill me bfore I die successful.KILL ME,OH STRANGER .



Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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