Talent In A Soul .

They stand up giving away her a standing ovation ,She cries out of happiness and her mom is overjoyed.Her healthy curls wrestles  down her cheeks and she loves the camera  lights  making  her  skin  look  even  more  brighter  ,beautiful. Jury asks her age and she replies 5 ,I spell it for  her  five,and I drop my sipper and the water splashes.Nobody  is expected  to believe  that  a five year old LUCY sang “SOMEONE LIKE YOU” by”ADELE”, so perfectly .Every note and every flow was apt at least it felt  like  it was ,BRAVO.  But ,Lucy had made history  and there  were  many like her suffocated  in that big line  of minds of different  people  who  dream  of becoming  a super star  ,well on contrary I just wished  to become  a star after  I died, One race with so many differences ,lord bless  my heart .It was the best reality  show  I have had ever scene ,people from  all  over  the  globe  came  and represented  there  talents starting  as strangers in the beginning .The game  was simple  ,but there  were some strategies .The participants needed  to prove  there  talents to audiences who  could  vote  for  them in future,easy?NOT THAT MUCH , they had to maintain  there  health  ,look good ,beneath beautiful  as “LABYRINTH” sang beautifully  in his  track.They  had to look real and somewhat let go there  family,emotions and flow continuously.Was  it a  Perfect  life  that they describe?Was it that every  teenagers  wanted  from  Heart?I pondered  on these  questions  while Lucy was chosen the  winner of Five Lacks ,again five my mouth  whispered.Was I jealous about Lucy ‘s talent  of singing ?Or was I  surprised  of the factor of five  in Lucy ‘s Life  ,Or was I realizing my life’s wastage,in the duration  while  Lucy had won,I closed  the internet  and went  off to sleep .                                                                                                                                                                                        I generally  don’t  remember  any of my dreams  ,but this  particular  one  had installed  in me as a software  in computer  and  I took  out the  pen and paper  ,and wrote it down   as ,”Talent in A soul”.Where I realized  that  each  one  of us,I am talking  about  you as well ,yes YOU ,have talents  that  are unique  ,and no Lucy can ever judge them by what she  has as a TALENT,because we all are born  from  ultimate  talent  that  is LORD  ,and the sooner  you realize it the more  talents  you will let go because  trust  me there is TALENT IN EVERY  Soul .                                                               


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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