Life beyond the crown!

wise-quotes-the-problem-with-the-wordLife to some is sitting at one place and signing of documents , and to some it might be the sophistication idea of being alive and to others it might mean to breathe and let others breathe too.On explaining life , these full stops don’t actually work, for none ends the definition and not for the man who was called as “guard of royalty”and not by his real name ; never ever .How  sad was on the part of people who called themselves the royalty but couldn’t give the individualistic identity to the man who in front of them just protected them from the crowd of intruders .

Until one day when his brain worked a midst the all royalties living in that palace . The king had two wives , both sharing their equal shares of life with the king . The story didn’t end being this happy until this king was honored for his work and called for the party , a grand celebration . On hearing this , he was so excited at first but it was slowly ending for he had a sudden realization . That the party would give only one wife the status of queen and the other would be left-over part of the party floor . Frustrated on this point , the king began to grew anxious .Not because he  loved both his wife’s desperately but because of the vision of turmoil that would be a new arrival between the two wives on hearing the selection the king had to made. Unfortunately, that was the biggest vision happening to reality.And the two wives lost their minds and their was the welcome for the abusive words and unconditional hatred . Petrified by the mess in his home king began to loose control and he had no singal idea as to what was the solution until his eye met a vision with the man sitting at the front of gate .He went to him and the guard of  royalty stood up and greeted him in his own way . The scene between the king and  guard had come to the point of awkward feeling to which the guard broke the ice watching the left brow of the king rising up . And he said politely in his soft spoken voice “sir, take both of them because it will not only end the mini-war but also stop you from wrinkling your skin”.

And at this point the king closed his eyes, raised his hands and called out RAM , the very name of “the guard of royalty”. The name his ears had been longing for ,and life for Ram at this point was beyond the crown .

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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