Unexpected !

It has already been a week , and I am kind of loving my current city Delhi . IN my past where Delhi always had been a part of my vacations I could not have thought of making it my residence in my nightmare even ,for Delhi is still a huge thing or gift for an amueture like me and I who have not ever been in a state where family is not present ,this phase of life was a difficult to choose .  But then I was brave enough to accept the fact and I tagged this as my “COLLEGE LIFE”,that made me even more stronger .


The first entrance of my college was worth remembering a thousand year epic . I had got chills imagining the college first day earlier ,and when  my first foot stepped inside college I was kind of fainting to death for the environment and the groups that had already been made came as a surprise and I was left like a lonely cloud floating in the sky . AND i couldn’t find anyone worth socializing until I made a move .Move that would have decided my future acquaintance ,the move that would have reflected my character in future and the move that would have leaded me to those four years of my masters that I couldn’t have survived alone ,and the move that could have decided how good I was in speech . and how and from which status could i have thanked ALLAH for introducing to me my new mates ,acquaintance ,or what ever or maybe soul sisters . So after a minute of my stepping to college campus i was like in the group of 5 to 8 people and i said alhamdulillah . The things i noticed in people  that i met is they excelled in “EXPOSURE”that I was lacking of, of course .The miscellaneous things they did and know got me into a dilemma that I was lacking way too behind ,like somebody knew magic ,somebody sung,somebody painted and somebody did all of the above . Pondering about my growth in talent I was bound to conclude that my life needs :EXPOSURE. 


Unlike the teachers of my high school who didn’t teach anything but demanded respect ,who cared for us never but demanded appreciation ,who had so much to brag about their status that they kept humiliating students their stood this college staff who is their for us , who stands for our problems and things we need to discuss ,who share a lot of personal information and above all who don’t demand a “MA’AM ” status ,and above all who our mothers to us . 


coming to college life ,i have realized the status and the flattering and the things that goes around the high school life is a farce .the one who is experienced knows the life . 

realizing it on my first day of college ,that I don’t need attitude of institution to give me education , i just need teachers who are in the college _takbeer .Image


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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