Dream , I have a dream .

Today my teacher had told me to buy “the odyessy”by HOmer as a part of my syllabus and I went to my nearest book store wearing a blue shirt and black skirt. The hair was tied up and I was without make up . As simple as that I entered the store looked around and the people had come to check out their stuff as I had . Some where on the fiction side and I remember a girl picking up a book titled :can love happen twice, and to my surprise she was wearing her engagement  ring . I sighed and went along the shop .there was a man looking for an autobiography with the spectacles on his head. In short it was a store full of people and millions and crores of words piled up in numerous shelves.while my heart and mind was in literature book shelf, and  I could smell each and every feeling of the writer and I loved that moment .

For once at that moment I could see a book shelf in my self acclaimed prophecy and their were huge books of my name .and at that point I had a dream once  again lived up . I had a vision about my being a writer in future . Lord has always been very kind, more then I deserved .but then I just really hope lord will let me try to live my dream, vision in some existence of life .

Dream, I had a dream in a book store that I have a book of my  name .



Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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