All else ” dim “!


Curled up, my arms laid in His ,

I stood up gazing at the fall

the curtains appear to be a swing

the lights were turned on .

How fake was the mixture ,

the white light didn’t mix well

the crimson light had its own charm

and with a blink the lights where turned off.

Peace , and satisfaction d welled inside me,

how beautiful the creator was

lips broaden on watching a group of birds

scattering its light by the wings of fly .

It seemed as if its moving away

away with thousands of things untold

I sighed for i never wished it to come back

for i had a silver light at night too .

Crafted for my beloved of night ,it came unannounced

Sighed, for it had arrived a little late

but it hugged my souls from inside

I was silver, my bed was already.

How beautiful the creator, the heart whispered

I saw my bracelet which was golden in morning

it had turned silver purifying the thoughts

I praised its color for nothing was ever brighter.

Materialism is fake like plastic,

the colors of bright wall fades and die

what remains is the magnificence of lord

to which we mention as solar and lunar crowd.

Hails to the master of the creation,

what beautiful talent, he captured

because there are things brighter then solar and lunar

but no comparison ,for all else “dim”.


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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