Illusion or super -creations?


Protection and security  are the two aspects of human life that they live their lives for . Protection from anything, ranging from creepiest creatures like insects or from wars.weathers like cold and extreme hot. Thus protection for humans are the basis of the life . Taking an example of lizard that stick to walls and give a heart attack even to a 20 year old person has a solution that is keeping an egg shell at each and every corner its suspected to come that way it gets frighten and never turns back the same area . Thats what we can call a lizard -solution . And in many areas as well rats are poisoned and so on . So there is protection going in and out . But then the most creepiest of creatures HUMANS aren’t let to any of these solutions , give it a thought we need much more then the lizards do . We eat , we make faces, do some extra work that gets our own mind freaked out. Climb mountains, swim, fly do stuffs that sometimes haunts our inside . But then nothing stops us from doing anything . Not even our own conscience . Why stop then a rat or a small lizard. When they cant even do a half of the haunting things we do . Is that we are a mirage to the outer world or is that we are living in a cluster ball in which we are caged from inside . Life is freaky , live and let live the most .


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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