Sense of positivity!

Many a times in the garden full of flowers we see a black swan surrounding us with group of second thoughts and miseries curls up inside . Also , sometimes in a group of people where laughing, talking, discussions, debats, conversations rule the time but we and our heart smells silence . A feeling of wreck most of us call it. Feeling of negativity creeps in which automatically destroys our own self peace . But then maybe we have got our own problems which weighs

more then the brighter sides .it might be our thinking and thoughts compelling us to believe that , maybe or may not be . But then there is a solution to every phase . Like a light after every tunnel . We lose friends and find ourselves alone ignoring the creator who created us . Not knowing there is someone who loves us infinite in good and bad times.There is no necessary time to have in our lives which destroys us and later reminds us of our creator . We should each and every time look forward to meet lord . For he is our parent, brother, sister things we even dont count on .

Lets make a difference this holy RAMDHAN, to not remind ourselves of lord only when our heart is crushed but when we see the world through eyes . (Ameen)


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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