What makes you?


No bags, no shoes nor any luxury can define the characters in me dwelling inside my soul since I was born to the present time . But then the other part of the story still remains that defines my need of the above mentioned things only because I live , live in a society.
My life has a definite routine like many among you. I wake up , go to my respective work, come back look after, and do many miscellaneous works with conscience or unconscienceness . It goes on and on .maybe till I die . Die and loose life . But thats not what lord created humanity . HE WOULD not have for a second thought before making US that “oh now you are created go get your body in jumble”, no I dont think so , Lord wouldnot have thought so .

I hope for a life that’s not for a society, not bounded by any norms . Let there be my own self conscience active and not others pointing on my actions . I seriously wish for a life to be a journey where I would be alone like the characters of paulo coehlo and then with the only bag pack would then I set for knowledge. Knowledge be it from any genre , the holy , the exoctic, the wordly, the artistic but not the filth ones. Let  I be in my own life amongst the relations, amongst the fear of people . Let I just breathe for HIM and nobody else . Let I be in a high level trance for I dont need shoes, I dont need a  dress , I need a slipper , an alchemy in heart and a free mind . Let I live like bird shattered with the killing of children and not a king watching my children growing desirous. Let I dwell in the world , let I know what I am made up of .

For no shoes, no dresses would define me in the realm of lord . Let I be the guide to my own life bringing closer to my lord. Let I sustain from all good things for evil is created by lord for he made all the things . I am surely not made up of my wardrobe “I am made of my sins which by the character of a traveller would get invisible in the fog of the mystery. “


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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