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It’s  of crimson color and the yellow sparkle has added a magnificent look to it . Sometimes it stands perfect making you feel protected ,protected from the wrath . Sometimes you just curl , roll,lay , feel secure inside it ignoring the huge world outside you prefer to just sit and cuddle around it . It appears to you as a cover of dreams. You share secrets with it . Break promises once made with it . Struggle through life hitting on it . You are low and you look at it without blinking imagining things out of range ,feeling upside down . You feel high and jump around it . You make your identity with it , it knows your evil deeds though it acts as dumb . You paint on it , the colors of hope and blessings . But there are darker sides . This has too . You don’t. know when it will break . Break with a force . The crack that will bring end . You can get lucky if you are absent but then there is no escapism . You travel whole world . Bringing photographs of thousands faces but return to same walls . Walls which are erect looking at you laughing at you when you are pretending to be someone else . It knows no end but there is wreck in the ship that sails this shall too .watch out for the minimum ignore the maximum , take the  glass of salvation spit out materialism .because when it will break it will only leave your skeleton .prepare yourself for worst because if the walls break the skin will come to closure and it would mean the premature extinction .


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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