images (1)The road we travel in our daily routine seems to have an accurate end and we leave a sigh of relief when we reach to our destination thinking that we did it . What we have done is actually just crossed an illusion the so called road , if walking we meet with the crowd that we don’t count ourselves in . And also numerous sites meet with  the eye having blink only once the journey . And if its the  other way round like travelling in a vehicle we usually pretend to be some actor /actress and a piece of music runs in background . This is life for us , the ordinary people. One cant even imagine the stardom of some rock-star , who apparently is God for the public .I am no philosopher nor any guide but I just see life in a green leaf , I just see the changing colors of sky and thank God for blessing me with the eyes. Life is too short for running around after something so materialistic that we die in amid-st of nothing being a loser . I count myself in the world , in the people who have filthy desires but at the end I know that He is going to take me out of this reflection and bury me into reality . I guess its time we all think about the end because the earthquakes , the landslides, terrorism is all what will bring end and when among us we all will die there would be no one expect HE watching and laughing at us .

We are just flowers in the mud and the star in the sky , but like others being optional or different we are unrecognized !


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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